I've shot down a relic of the past

Does anyone know how old this Imicus must be, at least?

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What makes you think it is old?

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Cargo bay mate.

But it would have been 2014ish i think.

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Eh it’s in the cargo bay indeed, not fitted.



My bad. :frowning:

The Internet is forever

Only losers and weak minds would try to hide their mistakes. vOv

Like … remember how Lucas Kell deleted all his posts in that one thread?
Exactly like that.


I don’t remember. I like Lucas as I do a bunch of other forum regulars that hate each other so I try not to pick sides… I just do whatever serves my political interests :smiling_imp:

Hm. I guess I should at least ask for closure.


I actually have a bunch of ships like that I’ve kept since that change, including two carriers. Are they worth anything yet?

You’d have to ask in the right place for that.

Various rig sizes was implemented on August 20, 2009 in Apocrypha 1.5


  • All rigs and their blueprints now come in three sizes: small, medium and large. There are no changes in the rig bonuses, drawbacks or calibration requirements, only in the quantity of materials required to build them. Full details can be found at My Rifter is equipped with the following rigs…
  • Production times for rigs have been increased. Using junk to make state of the art equipment is not easy!

So i was a little out…

That’s okay. :slight_smile:

Someone who read this thread sent me a mail, showing me this:


Also told me she got popped by triglavian sentries …
… and was happy she wasn’t flying it. :slight_smile:


Had I been flying that, I would’ve cried :smiley:

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I remember the chap in our corp making that ship and I am sure the CCC2 rigs at the time were just over 400 million isk each. I have no idea as to why he bought them or fitted them. I thought I would keep it though as it is a reminder of the old times - and I hadn’t realised that went all the way back to 2009!


I would have to log this toon in to get the pic. (not something I’m gonna do for quite some time) But I keep a frig with large rigs as an antique. Lost all the others…

Edit; And we say CCP did nothing to improve the game! :rofl:

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Ah, a large rig. I had a battlecruiser up until late 2013 with one of those. It’s at least as old as the change in rig sizes, or the addition thereof. My BC went down to some extremely rare serpentis escalation. This one probably not so valorous.

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Sadly I didn’t notice before someone pointed it out …
… but sadly it’s in the cargo bay, not actually installed.

Oh well. Still a nice throw-back thread. :slight_smile: