Jack of All Trades Master of Everything! Join Galactic Planetary and Mining Consortium

Welcome to GP&MC

Though we are an Industry focused corporation we dabble in just about everything! Mine one day run missions the next! We have it all. Come join us, have fun, and make some isk!

AUS/EU/US Timezones

Good place for new and old players interested in:
-Planetary Interaction
-PvE Mission running events
-WH Exploration events
-Mineral/Ore Buyback Program
-Ship Replacement Program
-Small Scale PvP events

3.5% Tax rate.

Laid back, come and go as you please, no pressure, lets learn and play together.

We have haulers to transport your items.


Questions??? Just Ask!

Our Recruiters: Spaceherpes and Antonios Fehrnah

The Lore Behind the Corporation

The Galactic Planetary and Mining Consortium is a corporation formed to take advantage of the rich resources that God has provided for us in this universe. Together with our Khanid and Ni-Kunni brothers and sisters, and anyone who will accept the True Faith :wink: we will gain wealth and fortune!

After you click the link and one of us gets to you, the process takes about 10 minutes. Hit me up in-game!

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