Jalo Reef Recruiting all walks of Eve (Alphas welcome)

Play Eve when you want, how you want, where you want. It’s a game, enjoy it. Join Corp ops or don’t, it’s your choice.

We at Jalo Reef believe two things are sacred in the Eve Community, Real-Life comes first and the community makes this game. We do not believe in forcing people to attend corp op’s or forcing you to play the game in a manner we believe you should. It is just a game, something we all use to get away from Real Life and all the problems that come with it. We are miners, pvpers, builders and explorers. We come from all walks of real life, from active duty service members to truck drivers. If you are looking for a place to sit back make isk, friends, and work towards common goals give us a chance to speak with you in-game. You won’t be disappointed.

What we can offer you-

10% Tax rate for ratting

Corp buyback for all ore and ice ore

Ice Belt

A fully upgraded system

Zero required corp op’s

Manufacturing facility’s for everything up to Supers

Neutral space not far away with plenty of people who like the GF.

Full SRP for all corp op’s and home defense fleets.

We are proud members of Initiative Associates, the renter alliance of “The Initiative”. We are also part of the Imperium and have travel rights through their space. We rent space in Fountain and have logistics available to move items between Fountain and Empire. SeAT is REQUIRED TO JOIN!

Join In-Game Channel “Jalo Reef Recruiting”.

Bump still looking for members

Have a few new members, looking for more :slight_smile:

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