Jedi Academey - C4 Wormhole/Gas harvesting/Combat sites/Data&Relic

Greetings and thank you for you interest in the Jedi Academey!

We are looking for young Jedi’s to join us in our adventure in our c4 wormhole that has a constant c3 and c4 connection.

As a Jedi we welcome new and experienced wormhole pilots!

Willing to teach pilots to become strong Jedi’s in the wormhole and having a lot of fun!

Mail me Weezdiggity in game a little about yourself and any experiences in the wormholes and we can get you going to becomes a great Jedi in the wormhole and have a lot of fun!

Looking for any players who want to make some easy isk. Gas harvestings is great way to get some isk up! We do corp buyback right in our wormhole wich will buy gas at 90% Jita prices and all you need is a simple Venture in wich we will provide!

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