Jita Cans

Ok. WTF HAPPENED TO JITA? There are a DOZEN cans at the station.image

It’s an art exhibit.

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Probably a protest against mobile deployable placement restrictions. I’d report all the chars that dropped cans there as bots and report them via support ticket for spamming, lag creation and so on.

Jita ran out of storage. It was gonna happen eventually.


How would it run out of storage?

Does your house have unlimited storage? No? Same with a station.


My freighter doesn’t appear on grid or overview before entering warp.

Brilliant anti-gank tactic.


Maybe they are free gifts, just grab them and enjoy the free stuff no matter what’s inside. :wink:

My guess?

Frofr entered the system without knowing how to right click/remove from overview.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

This is the guy that spam all the empty cans in jita Screenshot by Lightshot


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