Balginia NPC Station almost destroyed inside

Hi All

I am currently in Balginia only NPC Station in a 0.8 system in Minmatar Space.

When I’m docked, the Station looks like something exploded inside, really good graphics.

But - what is the reason(?) I am not the only one who has tried to ask in Local, but no one is aware of why.

A search via Google didn’t help either.



hmm odd

It looks like this !!!


Hmm must be a fire on board don’t worry ccp does that from time to time

Burning Minmatar heathens, how it should be.

It’s Minmatar space; that’s somebody’s scrap going through the smelter before being turned into Rifters.


CCP Kestrel said on reddit that this is a bug.

13 votes and 21 comments so far on Reddit

Sidenote: Reddit links are broken on the forum. I posted this main reddit topic link but it appeared as picture only and did not link to the topic itself. Only when I eddited the post it showed the to be expected reddit preview.


Looks like a perfectly normal interior for a Minmatar station. :smirk:


Looks like sabotage to me.

BBQ time

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It seems like all stations that use the Minmatar Trade Post model are like that. Thukker Tribe’s Trust Partners Trading Posts and the Republic Parliament Bureau in Egbonbet look like that as well

Yup, I’m in Egbonbet, it’s destroyed. Does not seem like any kind of bug. Usually that’s clipping and darkness and sometimes no lights. Maybe something interesting is about to happen.

It’s fine, I needed some spare parts

That makes sense, likely is just the Turner Station appearance showing up in all the Trade stations instead of just Turner 1

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Same conditions in the Sisters of EVE Bureau orbiting Osmon II. Nearly made me spit out my Diet Pepsi when I logged in.

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And the Station are ‘normal’ today, but at strange experience and a little scary.

That’s a normal reaction to drinking Diet Pepsi®.



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