Jita Protest YC 113, Disappointing Item Description

Hello Space Friends,

Today as part of EvE’s 16th birthday event I received an item commemorating the Jita riots and I have to be honest I was disappointed with the description.

Part of the description reads as follows; “capsuleers staged a mass uprising against the intolerable state of affairs in New Eden’s space industries and markets of the day.”

Kind of a vague and misleading dont you think? I remember it slightly differently;

Broken promises/game; Ship spinning and trying to load Captains Quarters every time you docked with the hardware of the time.

Micro transaction prises that would put Bethesda to shame.

Oh and that leaked document.

I do not post this to complain or in anyway resurface these issues, that after all took place a long time ago now. I just feel that especially with the current state of the games industry as a whole CCP should not lose sight of why the riots happened. (fondly remembers that photo of a dishevelled looking Hilmar)

So maybe change this description, if that is technically possible, and show those who were not there that we went though the same s**t most other game community’s are going though right now and came out the other side together!

Happy Birthday EvE Online! Looking forward to wearing my free monocle with pride :slight_smile:



Well, CCP can’t possibly tell the truth in a fancy vanity item that they deliberately and aggressively tried to rip off their most loyal users. What do you expect?


peasant monocle…have you no shame sir.

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Like most historical accounts just a bit of propaganda and revisionism.


This is a nice sentiment.

They haven’t. The point is that this is an in game item therefore it has an in game description, not an out of game one.

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Hey, at least they are still actively reminding people about the event many years after.
Most companies would never speak of this again.


This is an in character description because it’s included within the in game environment and needs to make sense in backstory terms.


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