Jita, Shes A Bastion Of Wealth, And The Source Of So Much Pain

Dont Post often. But Jita is very much better quality with Brackets Off since the visual updates and is much pretty imo.

Please come down, we love to see you here at Whack-a-Mole!

If you ever wonder what I do here its such. Im usually doing other things in game but Im pretty much security guard here in Jita. Anyone thats committed a crime or done something dumb I get to Clint Eastwood the crap outta.

Come to Jita for the wonder, come to it for the greed. Jita wont forget… not one drop and we sure do love to Whack moles! Enjoy now.



Always! and I mean Always, shoot first.

… something Han said…

How many catalysts does it need to take your loki do… oh.
Oh! You’re hiding in a 0.9 - *slaps forehead* - like a peasant.

Not worth it. :frowning:

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Hiding? Hardly my good madam. I dont hide well…

I’m Mayhaw Morgan and I approve this message.

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