Jita under attack


That statue is already destroyed, they should be shooting the station.

Even if the entire playerbase showed up to do that, it wouldn’t make a difference. Years ago CCP decided to ignore player feedback and just implement whatever changes they want to make.


They should be shooting miners, then they can actually talk about their real battles to defend their roids.

I think we need IceBeltMinerGeddon.

Also, cut Jita off by making Perimeter an unviable route.

Drama queens.


Mittens having a tantrum as his power base is being taxed more FIAT currency to be here, lol.

He does have a point though, what is wrong, why is his peoples FIAT no good anymore? What is CCP’s alternative source of revenue going to be if not dumbass, F1, null blob linetards?

Thank you nullblobs for paying the server upkeep.


5K people in Jita atm… wow!

Okay, I was wondering why my market orders wouldn’t update. I would go through the process of creating and adjusting an order and then… nothing.

Jita Time Dilation!

Jita in time dilation, first time ive seen it in action.

It reminds me very much of the scenes in Dredd, where they give someone the drug that makes time seem very slow for them, and then throw them to thier death.


I’m confused now.

When I saw the pictures in the original post of this thread, I thought it was a protest against the recent game changes.

However these latest pictures show fireworks exploding, is this a celebration for the recent changes?


It’s a protest against the recent changes for sure m8. The monument cannot be destroyed anymore by shooting it, so just using fireworks.


They are just mad, tomorrow they will adapt


Just blockade Jita off and let nothing in or out alive.

Too many gate

Start with Perimeter.

Why should i ? i am in favor of this update

For an activity that depends on being able to sell their minerals and ores at market, how much sense does it make to blow up their source of revenues?

Sell in other market hubs.

are Orcas cheap again yet?