Jita Station Overheating

So, despite being able to multibox non-Jita characters on max resolution (except for ambient occlusion of course), I have always had to run my Jita alt in a somewhat lowered state. Now, suddenly, it’s stressing my PC even with lots of stuff turned down. I’m now literally forced to run in full-on performance optimisation in Jita, when I can run six other alts on max resolution.

Surely CCP should look at this, as many potential new players in High-Sec might be put off by the seemingly very high PC requirements to visit Jita.

It’s not as bad as you’d imagine. Sure, it’s bad, but I went to Jita during the 20th anniversary. I almost had an aneurysm, and I think my poor PC almost caught fire. I should also point out that basically all new players are not multi-boxing. This feels like a non issue that appears to be an issue due to some user-side problem, which in your case would be multiboxing.

The point is I can happily multibox on high graphic settings, BUT I can’t even run ONE instance of my Jita alt, in station, in potato mode, without the fan going crazy. Having said that it definitely seems to be connected with text/ UI rather than the general in game graphics. I was really just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar problems since the last DT.

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Then maybe it is time you got a decent PC rather than whining at CCP. If your PC only runs Eve in potato mode then that’s because your PC is a potato.

I run Eve with a pretty standard mid range RTX 3060 gaming PC. I have zero problems at Jita. In fact the computer even coped well with the destruction of Parabellum’s Sotiyo…2000 or so people in the system…and with the destruction of the TTT…6000 people in the system…all in high graphics mode.

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Just in case you didn’t know, there is a known issue of EvE causing problems with GFX cards running maxed out when the FPS rate is not fixed down in your GFX card settings. I know I had to fix my frame rate at 60fps to stop EvE melting my GFX card.

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If your GPU is actually overheating, it’s because it’s insufficiently cooled (dust buildup etc), and not because of the workload. GPUs can typically handle running full-throttle just fine (see crypto mining dorks, etc.).

The fans on your GPU spinning isn’t some adverse thing that isn’t supposed to happen.

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Jita will lag for pretty much everyone regardless of PC.

Until CCP finds a way to radically innovate how like servers work or borrows a NASA server then we are outta luck.

What possible impact do you imagine “servers” would have on local GPU loading?

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Beats me LOL

Mabye NASA server fixes it idk I don’t hang out at jita alot.

So, per usual, you just… don’t know what you’re talking about.

Nothing about rendering the station environment involves CCP’s servers. It’s local to your PC.

Eve doesn’t normally make a ton of use of a modern GPU, but the station environments, and especially Jita 4-4, do. They’re probably not incredibly well optimized, but I hit v-sync (120 fps) on a 3070TI just fine and while the fans spin up, my GPU is not “melting” (or even maxed out) with everything on high.

If your GPU is struggling with station environments, an entirely workable solution is to just hit ctrl+shift+f9 to go black-screen mode.


Or just enable vsynch and set it to a number that makes sense, just because you have a 200mhz monitor doesn’t mean you need 200 fps in EVE. Clean your card’s cooling, and actually the entire PC, and/or don’t have a PC that has cooling issues like case being too small, insufficient cooling or just obstructed cooling.

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I mean DUH you didn’t get that from my first post? You had to actually say that to make your point? What am I some engineer? :joy:

My EVE runs pretty well and I am happy.

Anyone who says NASA computer/server probably has 0 idea what they are talking about.

I wasn’t suggesting “do it for the newbies”. I was simply wondering if it might be something that put new players off if their PC starts heating up like crazy in Jita. New players were not my primary concern.

Thanks for this suggestion. I’ll definitely give it a go.

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I try to keep on top of the maintenance of my computer and regularly give it a clear out and get the dust out of the cooling fins (I am an electronic engineer by trade). I have played mutliple games over the recent years and the only one that causes my GPU fans to spin up is EvE. It is so bad it is uncomfortable to sit at the desk with the computer sounding like a jet turbine. I spent hours messing about with in-game graphics settings to try to narrow the problem, but it was constantly running high and running at max speed in stations.

I eventually found a forum thread somewhere that claims EvE is not properly optimised and the in-game settings don’t always work as expected. The recommendation was to go into the NVidia system settings and lower the frame rate there instead. As soon as I did that the problem went away.

I don’t think that the Gfx card was getting particularly hot, it was just forcing the GFX card fans to run fast. I am not particularly interested in the ‘how’ it happens now that I have a work around.