Join Blackout Bombardiers – Shape the Future in the Shadows!

Blackout Bombardiers

We’re a newly founded corp specialising in black ops, stealth bombing, exploration, mining, and production. With a 0% tax rate and a small supportive community, we offer a unique opportunity to be part of our corp from the very beginning and help shape its future.

What We Aim to Offer:

  • Regular black ops and stealth bombing runs.
  • Comprehensive mining and production facilities.
  • A friendly, relaxed environment focused on teamwork and fun.
  • Membership in the Caldari Alliance, providing additional support and resources.
  • Active Discord community for communication and coordination.


  • Enthusiastic pilots ready to dive into covert ops and industrial activities.
  • Individuals who value teamwork, strategy, and a bit of daring.
  • Both experienced pilots and newcomers looking to grow.

Join us and be part of a thriving community where every pilot’s contribution shapes our future. Connect with us on Discord and start your adventure today!

“Masters of the Shadows, Crafting Our Legacy”

Contact me / PM me here or ping a message in game