Join Mercenary Corporation X1814 Office in Otou in Gallente Space

What is Eve Online?

Eve-Online is a videogame populated by a variety of people from around the world. Many play from Britain, some from Australia, and many from America.

Mercenary Corporation X1814

Office located in Otou. Contact for Recruitment. Aldebrand Ludenhof is CEO.

Looking for Ex Military. If you have a black belt that would get you in. If you can fly an F 117 that would be great. Super Soldiers are welcome. If you know how to play you would get in.

All new recruits will receive a tech I frigate of their choice.

Training is possible, but will mostly be done over twitter and youtube at first.

Planning to make money moon mining and conquering space. I can make player owned stations soon. I can make dreadnaughts soon.

Wiki’s are planned and so are TV Shows.

There will be a quasi Military structure at first.

Send in your resume’s you might get promoted sooner.

This is about mercenaries. Join if you want to make money fighting. We take jobs from anyone. Anyone can join, it is not exclusive. Training is possible in Ninjutsu.