Join Nuke Nation and help us build something great! New players welcome!

Hello and welcome!

NOOKD is a small US time zone corp that is currently rebuilding after a year or so of inactivity with plans on moving to nullsec possibly in the future. We are built around helping new and returning players get into the game first and foremost. We are the current executor of the Nuke Nation alliance with plans on adding a few corps in the future.

We are looking for active pilots that are interested in growing a corp/alliance and nullsec life in the future.

What can we offer prospective pilots?

  • Corp events and monthly prizes such as ship fitting contests, most pvp kills, most ore mined and others. Monthly prizes range from 100 million isk to skill injectors!
  • New player goal system with rewards.
  • Free frigates
  • ore buyback program with some of the best prices in the game.
  • Mining boosts
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Veteran leadership with over a decade of experience to teach you the ins and outs of the game
  • Ship replacement program (ships lost on corp and alliance operations will be reimbursed)

Types of activities we focus on:

  • Small gang pvp
  • Fleet based pvp
  • Exploration
  • Abyssal sites
  • Cloaky hunting
  • Industry


  • Interest in nullsec and working together with a group to build a fun corp/alliance.
  • At least some interest in pvp.
  • Discord registration
  • Eve Hr registration

How do you join? Our in game chat: “NKNR recruitment” Message: “Minok Arakal” in game

Thanks for reading!

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