Join one of the oldest corps in Goonswarm - Recruiting PVP, ratting, miners players to join - 4S Corporation [4S]

I just started playing again a few days ago…been off for a very very long time. .im very rusty could use a refresher course… i was in the fountain wars…i have 184mil skill points…you can mail me in game if you are interested in my services…i have over 3000 kills on kill boards


Feel free to join our Discord and our ingame channel 4S Lounge.

For information about joining our ranks and the application: 4S Server & Application

Recruitment Status = Green :slight_smile:

Recruitment status = Open

Come make pretty fleet patterns with us in space.

Recruitment is open.

We are recruiting more people to hang with and enjoy eve. Looking for an active community? 4S is the place for you.

Come pew pew with 4S. Recruitment Open.

Recruitment is open

PVP fun guaranteed. We are recruiting.

Recruitment Open Currently.

Recruitment is open

We are recruiting more people to hang with and enjoy EVE. Looking for an active community? 4S is the place for you.

There is a lot of PvP action going on at the moment so if you fancy joining the fun then get in touch.

Recruitment Status: Green! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to knownwhat your AUtz activity was like?
Im a returning player that wants to start learning the NS aspect of the game.
Have a 100mil SP main and 50 mil SP miner/hauler. Primarily want to focus on mining and industry these days as my playtime is erratic due to RL (can log in 3/4 nights a week but only for about an hour or so during weekdays, a few more hours on weekends), but happy to pvp when time allows.

Hey all…im also just making some tentative enquiries…
1/ how long is vetting process these days…api checks etc.
2/ fw direct enrollement …or whatever its called these days…do we have access to fw pvp while being in goons…if so what faction?

Im a (soon to be) returning vet ex cfc from approx 2016 and have flown with you guys when wi dot was a thing. 110 mill sp sub cap main and from memory a 70 mill carrier / dread alt with various cyno alts etc.

I would need time to acclimatise in game and catch up with the changes in meta hence the fw questions but will eventually be joining one of the goon corps or imp. Hopefully.

Im a week or so away from a stable net connection and a client download. Cheers…
Oh and congrats with all the fart timers last weekend.

Hi Katinka,

In general the AU tz across Eve is one of the quietest times in the game. That said one of our Directors /FCs is in AU TZ and there are people online at this time.

Our busiest TZ’s are EU and US

If you have any other questions feel free to drop on to our Discord and we can have a chat.

Fly safe

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Hi Chezzter,

Firstly welcome back to Eve (soon tm). The vetting process really depends on the number of characters / information that is being looked at. In general terms we are normally done in a day or two. However, if things are flagged then it can roll on a little.

There has been some pretty big changes to the FW mechanics within Eve very recently. The policy in Goons at the moment is for members not to choose a faction until the bigger implications of that are known. Once that happens I suspect a specific faction will be selected and game on. Goons have their finger in all the pies… so I would not be worried about missing out.

Thanks for noticing the FRAT timers last weekend, I’m sure the news does not end there.

Good luck with the new net connection :slight_smile:

Fly safe

Hey Morphias,

Im not expecting crazy activity around the AUtz but as long as there are people around and its not a ghost town I’ll be happy.

I will drop by the discord on my main when i get a chance.


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Hey Morphias
Not too worried about missing out, i remember the # of cta’s in the fountian/casino wars etc…i am more worried about lemming through a gate in fleet and getting used to a new overview ui…little mistakes that can plague a “born again newb.”.
Will hit you guys up soon. Cheers…and yes FRAT…not fart lol and tbh i have no malice towards any major block…having at certain times flown with half of eve :)…like you guys and Anzac alliance 0/

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Recruitment status is Green. Let’s make some Eve history.