Join one of the oldest corps in Goonswarm - Recruiting PVP, ratting, miners players to join - 4S Corporation [4S]

Ever shot a Keepstar with an electric heat gun? Come join 4S and this could be one of many new experiences in Eve.

Recruitment Open.

Recruitment Open :slight_smile:

Think I’ll hit you guys up, returning player here. Been out of the game for about 4 years or so, looking to get back into the game. (120msp main)

Hi Koraeth,

Great stuff… welcome back to Eve and I look forward to seeing you in fleet soon.

Fly Safe

Recruitment Status = Green (for peeps like Koraeth and other chilled vets).

Recruitment is open. Come join the Goon PvP bandwagon.

Recruitment is Open

Recruitment is Open

Recruitment is Open

OMG What is he doing?

Recruitment is Open :slight_smile:

I’m unable to explain on open comms… but you know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Recruitment is Open… come pew pew with 4S and Goons :slight_smile:

Recruitment is Open. Come join one of the most experienced corps in Eve

Recruitment Open

oldtimer interested, used to fight you lot

Recruitment is open. Want more than just a game, join the community that is 4S. Come and join us in-game in the 4S Lounge