Join The Chaos Void - PVP - Fight for the Caldari State in Factional Warfare!

The Chaos Void is a Factional Warfare Corporation dedicated to the Caldari State.

Fighting for the Caldari Factional Warfare corporation the State Protectorate.

Joining The Chaos Void means you will be at war with the Gallente and Minmatar in Factional Warfare.
This also means;

  • You will not be able to go through Gallente or Minmatar space easily. Their navies will shoot you.
  • You will lose standings with Minmataer and Gallente NPC’s.
  • You will be orbiting or sitting next to plex sites located using the probe scanner, no actual probing required.
  • You will be running solo and in fleets to capture plexes for Caldari.
  • You will be fighting PVE rats and other Players in PVP combat, solo and small gangs.
  • You will be fighting defensively to hold systems for the Caldari State.
  • You will lose a lot of frigates in the learning process. Ships are disposable. Have fun! Stock ships up.
  • You will be using d-scan. d-scan is required for protection of yourself and your gang members.
  • You will be an envangelist for the Caldari State’s Factional Warfare efforts. Recruitment is an active duty of all members.
  • You will do your best to represent the Caldari State, the State Protectorate, and The Chaos Void in an Honorable fashion. We are Militia, Not pirates.

All characters with any amount of skill levels accepted.

You are useful to us and the Caldari State even as a one day old player.

We want you to join today.

We will teach you. Please be patient, No one can learn everything in a day, or a week, or a month, or even years.

Join Today.

Join our in game chat channel “The Chaos Void” to talk with us!

I will as soon as I find out if Eve can run 2 character buy way of 2 accounts on dual monitors in full screen or does it have to stay windowed? Using Windows 10

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