Join The Junkers INC

Hello capsuleer

Welcome to the Junkers INC

We’re a casual corporation revolve around Mining/Manufacturing ships

We’re mostly active in Highsec within The Forge

we’re looking for players who like doing Mining/Manufacturing
We are a Mining/Manufacturing corporation and we make most of our ISK from this we do
it is the best and we have many jobs you can get into like Fighter/protection, Miner/Transport,
Sales Representative and lastly a ship manufacturing and fitter so we have many job opportunity in many skills


Extremely active Discord community
Solid corporate infrastructure
Always active
Higsec HQ
Steady industrial production & growth
Production teams for self-reliance can build anything in the house
Low Tax Rate, Special Site fleets
Unity, loyalty, reliability & respect
Experienced pilots, mature environment
Competitions, promotions, giveaways
Rapid Response and Standing Fleets
Pilot Training Program (any role)
Multiple game presence
All pilots are always welcome.
Free PVP ships.
Free mining ships.

Thank you for reading this and I wish you a good adventure Federation of The Ghost Alliance

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