Joining factional warfare

Hello. I’ve read some topics on this but not seen a guide on when it might be too soon to join a faction.

I’m keen on this part of the game. My character is 17 days old, and has about 2.3m skill points. I’ve completed the AIR introduction, all the Career agents and the Blood stained stars arc.

I know I am likely to get obliterated very often, but would I still learn enough by joining now - or should I wait for whatever milestone is recommended? I don’t mind losing, just being pointless.

You’re pretty close to a reasonable place, just know you’ll need to be picky about what fights you take, and run often when the match up isn’t favorable. a good read for you, just know slightly dated and doesn’t account for some new ships recently released.

Alternatively you can look at some of the FW corps and they may offer ship assistance as well. The Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums might be a good starting point for that.

Good luck!


You won’t be “obliterated” but pushed out of the pit. Just shake off the dust and re-enter!
Your ships are tools, you are immortal!

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I’d actually say take all the fights you can within reason and affordability.

You’ll learn more.

This is something all capsuleers struggle with – newbies and veteran alike – but for different reasons. Attitude & determination go a long way in this game.

My recommendation is: if you ever feel this way, pause and reflect. Figure out why, figure out the things you have the power to change, and make that change. You’ll go a long way.

More concretely, I second ISD Drew’s recommendation of the Novice Frigates Yearbook. But note a few things:

  • Its “Novice” in the title is a reference to “Novice FW Plexes”, which limits the kind of ships inside to those in this guide. It is not a reference to “novice/newbie capsuleers”, as the guide is good for capsuleers young and tenured alike. Note that – due to the guide’s age and your hard-skills – some fits don’t exactly work exactly as described, and will require tinkering.
  • The guide is comprehensive, but intimidating. There’s only so much that sticks by reading. So I also second Gix’s recommendation: get into as many fights as you can early on. At first you might get the “PvP Shakes”. :slight_smile: Even without those, mistakes will be made. Reflect, Learn, Do, Repeat. Eventually, you’ll learn when you don’t want to take fights, too.
  • FW Corps help, but don’t feel pressured to join one right away. Each group has a different feel, playstyle, fleet style. It’s OK to join the regular militia, socialize with your fellow militia-at-arms, and get a sense of which groups you like better. Talk to your allies, get into trouble together.

Pick a path, if you don’t like it, pick a new direction. Yesterday was the best time, but today will also be OK. Join a militia!

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There’s a FW project on the Test Server, losing ships there is very cheap and zkillboard won’t tell.

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