Joining The Dark Alliance of bad intention Corporation


Hello Fellow Pilot’s we are a Industry Corp looking right now to build our miner base, but we also do mission running LVL 4’s and other activities we Build ships for sale to market an for Corp an Corp members an ally’s, we are new-bro Friendly willing to teach(1on1) or refresh old players returning to eve We are looking for players in all area’s an types
-time zone is 8am-12am(13;00-05;00) Eastern time/Evetime
-Discord present(Active)
-Corp Operation(-)Mining Op’s(-)PvP Op’s(-)

What We offer:

Orca support 18/7
Fleet run’s Weekly
Real Life Comes First Mentality
Moon Mining
Ship Buy back Program
Null Sec an low Sec Action
Internal Market only For Corp members

CEO&Founder, John G Fontanez