Jokes After A Funeral That You Should Never Tell

I found an epic discovery today. Most people don’t find playing a guessing after a funeral very funny.

Especially when the mystery item that you take out of the bag at Dutch Valley is a My First ColoGuard Sample Collection Kit. For serentity and privacy of taking the sample in your own home.

S*&t the bed, cover your head and smell her good.

If this isn’t about New Eden then I am sorry to offend anyone by saying that Jody Longbuck lived a life of crime.

She hadn’t really lived a full life just to reach -10 status when her career as a highsec princess she was attacked by an antiganker. The funny part was what Princess Aiko said after the roleplay with Jody Longbuck had ended!

I think it was along the lines of we don’t RP like that!

/More to the story, Sargon an Evil Prince was able to recover her frozen corpse and had also recovered a miner’s cap that Jody had once taken from a miner one day and had worn for a good few weeks.

Once while recovering her belongings Frostpacker was able to extract her DNA which enabled a new Jodi to be born.

Jodi Longbuck lives on today again with -10 status.

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