Moment of silence for the loss of a Pirate Capsuleer

Jody Longbuck

Capsule ( Life Support Pod)

Jody, my sister will be remembered as sweet, kind and caring. Jody possessed a passion for achieving a level of excellence not before seen in the Longbuck family and it brings joy knowing that Jody Longbuck is now in a much better place and that her soul lives on in New Eden through my memories.

About Jody.

Her favourite hero was Anne Bonny the famous Irish Pirate who had operated in the Caribbean 1700’s (Milky Way)

Jody’s life of high sec piracy all started hunting ‘Augmented’ Ice Harvesting Drones where she met the Elite CODE. Agent. who took her under his wing to train her into achieving more than single drone destruction. Jody was invited into Code. at a young age but soon with the aid of skill injectors became a trainee with many solo kills under her belt. Tagging along behind other Code. Agents like how a lost puppy would follow it’s Master wishing to one day become just like one of them.

Tragically her life came to a end on Saturday 03 Oct 2020 by one accursed Anti-Ganker

That happened at a Uedama Stargate apparently soon after Jody uncloaked herself and was unable to escape when her ship malfunction.

Jody Longbuck undocked always in hardcore mode and knows that Anne Bonny her Irish Pirate hero would had set sail in a similar way.

To be clear the New Eden Coroner’s Office reported that Jody’s death was swift and caused no troubles nor any worry or concerns of any sort outside of New Eden and that this event was only just that Hardcore Mode RP.


o7 May the stars ever carry Jody’s spirit onward to new and greater levels of piracy in the vast beyond.

(For however long this lasts, anyway; not her first pod death after all.)

Praise James 315

I failed to mention that solo play is not roleplay and it was the first loss while inside a fleet.

This was what concord sent today.
Corporation member Jody Longbuck has retired
Sent: 2020.10.03 23:29

This is a notification from CONCORD to inform all members of New Order Mining Authority that Jody Longbuck has retired from active status as a capsuleer as of Saturday, October 3, 2020. Their callsign is now free for use by future graduates from capsule pilot training who wish to be licensed as independent capsuleers.

CONCORD would like to join the members of New Order Mining Authority in wishing Jody Longbuck all the best in their future endeavors.


Duty Officer,
Capsuleer Licensing Administration,
CONCORD Command,
Yulai IX – CONCORD Bureau

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At a time when the real world is suffering a major plague in which real people are dying in droves, I find this mock-obituary nonsense utterly tasteless and needlessly offensive.

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Calm down miner.


And you’re no better…

You heard him pilots, nobody better be enjoying Eve or having fun with spaceships. Where is your respect?

Edit: Also as a supporter of the New Order, allow me to extend my condolences for the loss of a brave agent. I will honor her memory with a 21 neutron blaster salute. Fired into the hull of an illegal mining vessel.

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That is a lot of neutron blasters!

And he knows where he can shove them…

The point is;
If it was any player group other than CODE role-playing an obituary, would you still respond with the same smug holier than thou indignation? The answer is no because it is a façade. It’s obvious from prior post that you disapprove of CODE’s playstyle. Your offense is fraudulent and is just being used as an excuse to justify your dislike. Personally I find your tactic of standing on the shoulders of pandemic victims as a pedestal just to amplify your message of dislike utterly tasteless and needlessly offensive.



Yes, the game being played has nothing to do with my views on this issue.

The answer is yes actually. I don’t ‘disapprove’ of CODE at all, they’re playing the game as it’s supposed to be played, more power to their (collective) elbow ! You may have seen me taking the piss out of exaggerated RP at times, but that’s as far as it goes.

You are an idiot, and an offensive one at that - try thinking about real people and what they’re going through at the moment for a change, instead of your silly RP ‘rights’…

Many of us are troubled by current events and have had family members directly affected, however I don’t see the Crime and Punishment subforums as the appropriate place to to air those troubles. People often gravitate to games to take a break from reality for brief periods of time. Perhaps you should take a break from Eve. You seem to have difficulty distinguishing reality from video game. Especially when people role-playing inside of an massively multiplayer online role-playing game seems to trigger you.

Edit: Also I still don’t believe you. Your compassion towards “what real people are going through” still comes off as a façade.

On the FiveM platform Nopixel that allows players to roleplay inside the game GTAV people permadeath characters all the time and you don’t see their forums or subreddit littered with remarks concerning real life.

Why is there no possibility to down vote stuff when you need it.

I believe real-world political posturing is a violation of the forum rules.

Please stop griefing us.

So we’ve had the floods and the fires, and are now having a plague…I believe only the locusts are left? And believe me, I’m keeping a heck of an eye out for those.

Now the stargates are flickering. :fearful: My god it’s true. Winter is coming…

Remind me to buy Talivaldis a drink or two in celebration, the next time I meet him…

Fly Safe …

Oh nice, she’s not a virgin anymore!