Jotunn’s Hammer Now Open for Recruitment

Jotunn’s Hammer [H4MMR] is a recently formed small gang corporation currently based out of NPC NS that is conducting raids into neighboring regions. Gameplay can vary from ganking defenseless miners to setting up traps for defense fleets to even entosis wanding neighboring sov. All in all we stay true to our alliance name and stay engaged in various forms of Asymmetric-Warfare [BLOPS]

Strong points of emphasis within this corp are BLOPs drops and travel interdiction with along with heavy use of cloaked ships.

As such hard requirements to join are:

  • Cloaking IV
  • Ability to fly a ship that can fit a cov-ops cloak
  • Good attitude
  • Working mic

Nice to haves:

  • Cyno toons
  • Cap Alts
  • Other useful alts

While we desire those with previous experience we are also open to players who may be newer to pvp and have a willingness to learn as everyone starts somewhere.

If this interests you click the link below to join our discord server.


Bump, we’re still doing cool things so come on by our discord.

Still recruiting people with a passion for shooting miners!

Just got this last night.

Still recruiting, still dunking!

Another one.

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