(Journal) Missions ESI Endpoint

I’d like to be able to access some more information from players Journals, in particular agent missions, including currently active, accepted and offered missions. This would be a really nice way to set up tracking for both personal use and corporations, for tracking systems, payout, and timers.

Is this something that is already planned or could be considered?

I manage a whole bunch of cool applications for industry, fleet management, timer tracking, software to help track down the Blood Raider Sotiyo etc. and I really love how the ESI gives me access to so much information. I just want more, as always.


Temporary alternate request: Allow players to select all and copy/paste from the journal list of missions, similar to the probe window. At least in this case we could easily set up scripts to parse the information.

Pretty please

This would be cool to get this endpoint to read the journal.
I would also like this!