Journey to the EVE Gate

So, after moving all of my stuff over to Rens and getting myself set up, I decided to keep a journal of my travels around New Eden. First off, I decided to make a pilgrimage to the EVE Gate, the place where our forebears first came to New Eden.

Now, unfortunately, the EVE Gate lies within the territory of the Amarr Empire. While I don’t have anything against the Amarr people as a whole, I absolutely detest their governemnt, the Emperor, the Five Families, for what they’ve done - and are still doing - to my fellow Minmatar. And lo and behold, the path from Rens to the EVE Gate passed straight through the Amarr home system.

And I’ve got to say, their security is shockingly lax. To think that a Minmatar capsuleer could fly straight up to the doorstep of their homeworld without ever being challenged! Anyway, while I was there, I’d heard that they kept a part of their fleet in orbit, so I decided to do a bit of recon, while I was in the area.

An honour guard. They call it an honour guard. Twelve Titans and hundreds of dreadnoughts is a mere honour guard to these people. I am disgusted that they are rich enough and powerful enough to let such power languish as a memorial for people to come and gawk at, while there’s slaves in their empire starving to death every day.

Moving swiftly onwards. After this brief stopover, I continued quickly onwards towards the EVE Gate. I got my first glimpse of it in Promised Land, the system before actually arriving, but when I got there, the view was much more impressive:

All concerns of safety aside, I sat there and watched it a while, hypnotised. I can see why people consider this a holy place.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. On the way home, some suicidal wazzock blew up my frigate - within plain view of a stargate, so they got blown up by the sentry guns right after, which is some small comfort - and I woke up right back at Rens. The insurance payout helped soften the blow a bit, but I had that ship set up exactly how I wanted it, I even finally managed to get the fuzzy dice balanced over the rear-view mirror properly! It’s going to cost me a fortune to replace it and it’ll never be exactly the same, no matter what I do. Ah well. C’est la vie and all that. At least I got to see the EVE Gate in all its glory!


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