Juggernaut Ships

Here is an idea that some might like and others will obviously not like, Juggernaut Ships.

A Juggernaut ship is basically a battering ram. It has high slots that mount two powerful beam emitters (1x) slot that grapples a ship and holds it in place. While being grappled by the Juggernaut, the ship being attacked is not able to be attacked by any ship other then the Juggernaut. Once grappled, the Juggernaut speeds towards the held ship at full speed + MWD (must have one fit in order for the grapple to work) automatically while burning out its engines with an Overload. The MWD and Overload are automatic functions.

The five remaining high slots can be fit with " Penetration Spikes" or large spikes made of the hardest and most durable alloy in New Eden. Each spike can penetrate the shield of the ship being attacked 100% and will then inflict damage, based on the damage type of the spike being mounted to the armor and hull. For each level up to five armor damage is 10% per level while the chance to penetrate the armor and inflict damage to the hull is 15% per level up to an 85% chance.

The other weapon system are close in lasers or blasters that deal less damage to the defending ship then the spikes do but do not incur the 3 three minute ‘stuck to the other ship’ timer. If the close in systems are used the ramming damage done to the attacking ship is only to the armor with 90% shield penetration.

Juggernauts can be flow in High Sec but will incur a -5.00 security loss when used against a non-war dec target. Juggernauts cannot be used to bump In High Sec.

The general goal of the idea for this ship to get a battering ram type of ship into the game that should add some much needed, “oh sh*t” time to the content portal on everyone’s faces.

The ship would be battle ship sized, have six to seven high slots, five mid slots and five low slots and could only mount Juggernaut based weapons.

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EVE Physics says no.

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Oh hey… I’m going to “link up” my Juggernaut ships into this giant web of tractor beams so that no one can attack them.
This will ensure the survival of a prized ship or ship in distress.
Rinse and repeat with any other ships that are being targeted.

Oh but wait!! While the Juggernaut may only be able to attack what has been grappled, there does not seem to be a restriction of the target attacking others?
Now I have a ball of attack-immune death!

I am also pretty sure some warping and tactical shenanigans can be played with this as tractor beams (as they currently exist) cause an object to have speed… which, on a ship with speed applying it to another ship with speed, might create the possibility of more/less speed, etc.

+1 for the idea
-1 for the execution (it would need too many specialized rules and restrictions to work)


If your ship is being grappled, why would you be concerned with fighting other ships?

Why would the grappled ship have a penalty to attacking others? Until the hull is penetrated, most of the ships systems would be able to be used unlike the Juggernaut’s systems, which would be geared and designed for penetration of the armor and hull and not really towards attacking other ships with conventional weapons.

Juggernauts would not be able to grapple other Juggernauts.

The Juggernaut would still be exposed to incoming attacks when grappling another ship.

Juggernauts could not grapple another ship that is in the same fleet or the same corporation or alliance that the pilot flying the Juggernaut is part of.

The Juggernaut would apply increasing damage, over time, much like a Trig ship ramps up it’s weapon power. The Juggernaut would apply the damage over a shorter period of time.

The Juggernaut would suffer a penalty of penetration damage if Remote Repair Ships are used to keep to keep it from being destroyed.

The tractor beams used would be considered an offensive weapon and when used in High Sec, against a non-hostile target, would incur a -5.00 security loss, in Low Sec, a -1.00 security loss. The tractor beams used would be Quantum Tractor Beams, much more powerful then a ship or MTU tractor beam. Once locked with the tractor beam, the Juggernaut keeps the target in place while it propels itself towards the captured ship.

A ship could break free of the Juggernauts tractor beam by using Breaker module.

The Juggernaut would be expensive to fly, no less than 950 million ISK and would be geared more towards Low and Null Sec combat.

As an added bonus, when Nanite Decay Paste is used with the Spikes, an additional 10% of damage is dealt per Spike, making the Juggernaut a good ship to use in siege warfare against Citadels.

If you don’t like the ship and its rules for use, then don’t buy one or fly it.

Too bad, you can’t counter a post using Eve Physics.

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