The Juggernaught

It is written in the Eve Lore of a giant planet killing ship specifically designed to kill titans and super carriers. With the current proliferation of super caps now is the time to introduce this ship called the Juggernaught.

The Juggernaught should be a Giant ship 10x the size and 50x the cost of titans and basically have one giant gun fitting that would one shot titans and supercarriers. It should be completely invulnerable until after it fires, the cooldown should be long and the gun platform should be locked in place until after cd.

I am also suggesting this ship would only be able to be built in the Palantine Keepstar and that the limit for Palantine Keepstars be lifted to 2 or 3.

This will create more fights and give people a way to counter titans.

Flame away

I like the idea but the Eve server struggles as it is with massive battles. Imagine the time dilation involved whilst killing a juggernaught.

You underestimate how may titans people have.

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As if we don’t have enough issues with titan and super proliferation as it is thanks to dumb CCPCSM design decisions.

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Only if a single Juggernaught costs double or triple in resources what a Palatine Keepstar requires

We could actually stand to make some of the ships a tad smaller.

At the very best, all you do is contribute to power creep. One more bigger ship that big alliances need in order to stay relevant. The more they have the more likely they are to win.

At worst, you completely invalidate supercaps.

It doesn’t add anything dynamic or interesting to the game. If anything, you remove content.

Also, why in the hell would it be invulnerable after firing? That right there shows me you don’t want it to die, you just want it to kill all the supercaps. Feel free to show yourself out of Eve if so, because that’s quite frankly never going to happen. No I’m not a dev, I’m not Falcon, I can’t assert it. But I’d be willing to eat my shoe if a hull like this ever came out.

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Carrier. Now smaller than a shuttle. (Just bigger on the inside)

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I don’t have a comment o. The Juggernaut, but on Arthur’s point to ke TBH sitting in a capital feels somewhat smaller than they should.

I can buy the need for an anti capital weapon. Just doesnt need to be bigger and stronger. It would need to follow the glass canon theory. Huge dps but easy to kill. Make it pretty rare for the bpc to drop. One or two special parts to make it. Spread the bpc and parts across all space.

That’s the thing… we have anti-cap guns already.

Titan DDs will mop up faxes. Once you mop up the faxes, the titans get neuted and they go down fast. Very fast.

You wanna kill a titan? Kill its support and then neut the bastard. An unsupported titan is a dead titan.

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Cant I root for the subcap underdog?

So no one’s ever gonna build one.

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Sorry i Meant it should be invulnerable when not shooting and very vulnerable after firing

That’s a lot better, but honestly, that just means it dies. 100% promise that any form of actual balance for the firepower it has will make it a glass cannon (true for literally every ship in Eve, even Titans when they use their DD).

Why build ships that cost as much as 50 titans, when I can just build 50 titans and DD it off the grid when it fires? Net result, you’ve lost 5 trillion isk from the one ship you lost (and subsequently made vulnerable by using) and I’ve lost 100 billion via the one ship you shot before your Juggernaught died in a fire.

Say nothing of the ~200 trillion isk that it costs to build a Palatine KS… that’s another 2000 titans I can build, which is enough that I could literally Stalingrad your Palatine KS with titans and still have a fucktonne of them left over for force projection. Net result, still isk positive to ignore your special ships.

Certainly, and in fact subcaps play an essential role supporting capital and supercapital ships. An unsupported capital is a dead capital… and that is exactly how it should be.

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So the ‘solution’ to super capital ship proliferation is more super capital ship proliferation ???


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How about you make it a frigate instead, with a weapon that spools up over the course of a couple of minutes.

Make the beam of that weapon super obvious, and then make it take 5 such frigates firing together to instapop a titan.

Lately the devs seem to really like destroyers, lets give all the frig hunters something to really do.

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So a Uber Bomber?

Hi Wingspan? I’d like to order a deluxe bomber party for delivery. Address is in Uedama.

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