Jump Gates EvE Online

I needed help with a mission and couldnt reach any team mates because they had to jump 25 times to reach where I was. Would this game be faster and have more users if there were no Jump Gates.

Are there any ships that can move around without using gates.

Capitals can. But they can only operate in low-sec and below space. And they need fuel and someone in fleet to light a “beacon” (see: Cynosaural Field) in the destination system.

Also… why were you so far away from your teammates?

edit: Forgot Black Ops ships (see: T2 Battleships). But they have similar mechanics to capitals in that said “beacon” cannot be lit in high-sec space.

It’s a good thing that it takes time to get from a to b. It may sound strange but it adds depth to content like hauling, hunting and trade.

It also means bad guys can’t just jump on people from anywhere. Big groups have become pretty oppressive in the past when it was easier to move a fleet across space.

Anyways, if you have a group of friends or a team that you work with, it’s my advice that you move closer to them.

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I assume the original idea was to make space feel big, but honestly IMO all ships could have their warp speeds at least doubled. 99% of the game is travelling, and it shouldnt take nearly as much time as it does. I mean, its fine if you have all the time in the world, but just an uneventful 20 jump low sec solo roam can take nearly an hour, let alone if you bring friends along…

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