Just a PSA regarding snowballs

Please do NOT aim them into the engine nacelles, especially on a frigate. Once, my frigate engineer suddenly found himself swimming in a pool of sauna-water, not to mention the damage said water did to the warp core once it got into the intake stream. The frigate in question was impounded for days until it was deemed safe to move to a normal hangar. The engineer however grew some extra toes and needed to have them surgically removed…so be careful as to where you aim those things.


Here at House Gallius, we are very concerned with the health and well being of crew members in opposing ships, so we take the very best efforts to ensure our Capsuleer Operated Vessels are only ever armed with the highest quality focusing crystals and stand off missile systems to ensure compliance with humane treatment of enemy combatants and cadaver disposal.

We will never knowingly expose our opposites to munitions that can cause cancers, additional appendage growth or unwanted spa sessions.


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