Just a quick observation for new players

I am really new to this so this is not a “how to” guide as there are already goods ones out there
This is more of a “don’t give up” and a suggestion s if you are a serious new player.

I really think running the tutorial a couple of times helped me since you can easily miss things the first time.

On the tutorial don’t get ahead of it. It’s tempting to do things before it asks because you kinda figure it out but it messes with the tutorial a bit.
Look at the text of what it’s asking for. I wasn’t going to my hanger the way it said and I dragged a skill book before it asked and that hung it up a little. The second time I did it using the buttons it wanted and it went smoother.

Don’t invest in stuff for your first ships, wait until you get into the agency missions (I recommend doing them as I’m learning a lot from them) and then only do cheap stuff. Better ammo was a good thing but it looks like you get almost everything else from the missions so far.

Insure the ship they give you towards the end of the beginning tutorial. I did max insurance and I got a three times the cost of the insurance back.
You can drag a name from the upper chat window down to the typing text window and it shows up if you are responding to someone in particular.
You block people in the chat by right clicking on their name.
You want to make sure the stuff you are asked to buy for the tutorials is in the same station you are.
Keep your trading que full, you can add and change the order by dragging them up or down.

If you think you are really liking the game then it makes a lot of sense to go omega with your first serious toon.
The training time reduction makes it worth it plus there can be other benefits.
Use the buddy system offer and look at that post to see who is good. I used someone people recommended and it was great. The bonus skill points are very useful and the Plex will be needed later. I posted the person I used on that post but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say who here so just look on the Buddy program post.
If anyone has more to add it can only help us new guys.
So far fun times. Hopefully this helped someone.


Thanks for the buddy program idea. I didn’t know that existed. I’ll add it to https://newtoneweden.blogspot.com/2018/05/going-omega.html when I get home!

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Look at the buddy program pinned post. It’s got the person I used and she was awesome


Thanks for sharing your experiences and comments, @Spaceghost_Nova.

And great blog, @Erika_Fidard :slight_smile:

To both, I really appreciate you guys sharing the information. You never know when these little nuggets of wisdom will help somebody out.


Hello and thanks for sharing.

It’s good to see new players excited and enjoying the game, helps rekindle my own passion for Eve.

May you have a long and rewarding career here.


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