Just returned after LONG break - need lvl 4 fit (Gallente)

Howdy all,

As subject says, I’ve been out of the game for about 5 years now, or thereabout.

I’ve got max skills in Hybrid Turrets, Gallente Battleships and almost max skills in Drones.
I’ve currently got a budget of 400m, what would people’s recommendation to fly these days? I was always quite partial to a drone Domi/Ishkur way back when, are they still viable choices?

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400 mill will get you a Dominix fully equipped with T2 gear. If you like your Hybrid Railguns, then you can work up to a Domi Navy Issue if you want but those are not preferred for normal ratting (usually).

If you are Gallente and you like your drones, have you considered the Ishtar for ratting? (yes, I know that ratting <> lvl 4 missions)

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Thanks, wasn’t thinking of ratting at this stage due to being a solo flyer, I am paranoid of low and null sec :slight_smile:

What’s best for a Domi these days?
Always saw Domi for drones, and Thron for guns.

Is the Deimos still poo?

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Honestly, I have never looked at a Deimos. I am pretty drone focused overall myself.

Also, I have not made it to Lvl 4’s. I really was answering due to your 400m isk bank and knowing about how much it could buy in hulls and gear.

A place to familiarize yourself on some ship fits would be Osmium. https://o.smium.org/

I won’t claim the best fits are there but you can get some ideas on layouts and build your own there or in Pyfa.

Hope that helps. Good luck to you in your space travels.

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Domi is perfectly fine ship to get used to missioning especially with your budget.

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