Just revisiting Destiny's guide to SRS

I found this section very interesting given the recent events: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/nullsec-alliance-cowardice-ladder/

Continuing the discussion from Nullsec Alliance Cowardice Ladder:

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SRS - Amarrean trade hub hugging delinquent high schoolers that like to pick on the little guy


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my 7 Isk to this may not fit into this thread, but the semi-fall of SRS does create a hole that needs to be filled.

i saw them mowing a bunch of structures from the face of eve in just 2 days, with very little effort.
so i went to the dark side and made a deal with them, we had 4 wardec’s and all of them ended with zero ammo used. so in some ways they did keep the word.

is it expensive? YES… but it gave us a piece of mind that we actually can leave the game for 48 hours without finding out that everything we have build collectively over months has ben turned to space dust.
honestly that was worth the money. as they have proven to keep the word.

with them somewhat going away/uncertainty that creates a hole, that is yet to be filled, and from my experience this will in a very short amount of time get the other scum-mercs back up in confidence as a large number of installations in space now pretty much “up for grabs”

most of them do not even bother with extortion, as the core is always dropping, making structure bashing, easy money for a few multiboxers.

running a POS as a backup seems to be a viable solution, as they not come with the wardec baggage and if it’s large enough noone is going to bother about it.

actually the one source of danger was (and is) Wrecking Machine the “protection” offered did exclude any attacks from them as a result.

An interesting read , I wonder how it’s all changing with Black flag under attack.

It’s a shame Destinys not around right now , I wonder what she would make of BF corp and alliance jumping antics. Why under attack from SLOW