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As best I can tell, the only time there’s ever been a point to FW aside from profit has been when it interacts with in-world RP lore events for emergent lore and world-building. For example, the time Yonis Ardishapur urged the 24th IC to take back a system in order to secure an archaeological site and its precious religious relics.

What kind of vision do you have for FW? What do you think it could be? What do you want it to be?

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The vision I have had for a while is a FW that has more of an impact on the empires of new Eden. Less focus on these independant corporations that are all over Sov space. Nothing against the mega alliances of Goons, TEST, PL and such, but they are not what EVE’s lore is about. Eve’s lore is always talking about the big empires, not about TEST or the Goonswarm. It talks about the Empress of the Amarr, or the Tribal council of the Minmatar.

I would love to see all of these big corps were forced to pick a side and turn all of null, and low sec into Faction war space. Where you could CHOOSE to be independent but couldnt control anything for long if a faction aligned corp comes and tries and take it from you.


I addressed that in my second post. I feel if FW was tied into Nullsec and Sovereign space it would have a bigger impact on New Eden instead of some corps that are not even listed in the background of EVE. I have been around EVE for a VERY long time. I have lived in Null, and it just felt pointless. I lived in Highsec and it was boring. And I have lived in low sec. I feel like most wars with these independent corps just are lacking a reason or a goal.

It makes no sense that all of this isk can be made in Null sec and the major Empires would do nothing to secure it. Imagine if PL were officially part of the Caldari State, and every system they controlled went to the Caldari state. Giving their non-PVP oriented players some place to go and explore, mine and rat. Or if the Goonswarm were part of the Mordus Legion and they decided they wanted to start taking some of the lowsec systems from the Minmatar.

It would make Faction Warfare dynamic and larger. And start bringing the big corps out there under the “lore” umbrella.

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Oh no. Bad bad idea. FW belongs to low sec, soverenity null belongs absolutely else where. Eve is awesome in how many different play grounds you can choose, please do not mix them.

FW remap was , IIRC, 4 vs 4 instead of current 2 vs 2, no warp core stabs in plexes (already done?), something with missions and tiers…

What I would like pretty much to make bigger content is low sec FW systems between empire high sec space, so you can not have all-high sec route from Hek to Jita and back to Amarr. Which will of cause make more harm , than good cause all life will move to caldari high sec due to Jita. But if Jita becomes FW system itself… Together with Perimeter (it does have gate to gallente space)… That would be content, made for at least a year…

Sir, what you are asking about? I don’t got the point… Orca… Triglavians … FW…

When I said “let’s talk about the Orca in the room” I was using Orca instead of Elephant its a “Eve” play on words.

And quite frank I could care less about the Triglavians. Nothing about their ships or their lore even vaguely exciting to me.

Hear Hear, Faction Warfare is perhaps in part of one the least popular parts of the game due to it’s lack of recent attention.

Epic RTS matches in space where capsuleers command armies, being officer that commands npcs.

Starting as low ranking officer in small scale skirmishes, that would decide system ownership, then getting experience points, being promoted and fighting bigger battles.

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Hehe. Let’s talk about “the Orca in the room” sounds similarly to the Orca in the dock or the Orca on the grill, meh I’m wrong, the Orca on the grid! All these scenarios are bad for Orca in game and real life especially.

  • Do you want to ask that CCP released Triglavians and changed Wardecs and they must fix FW and Mordus now?

  • Do you want to ask that CCP released Triglavians and new Wardecs and they don’t want to fix FW and Mordus?

  • Do you want to say that CCP made changes to less important parts of the game like Triglavians and Wardecs, SOV micro fixes and they don’t want to fix more important and popular parts of the game?

  • Do you want to say that FW and Mordus ships are much easier to fix and develop than recent fixes?

  • Do you want to say that CCP fixes and creates content, which is linked to ISK printing, PLEX and Skill Injector market and don’t want to invest into pure PVE or PVP in game content?

FW theme is well discussed in Warefare & Tactics chapter. Saint Michaels Soul has a good program how to fix it. On CSM, only Suitonia is a representative of it. Check the thread:

Overall, to fix the FW isn’t easy technologically. What to do with player Citadels there and how to change it to make it entertaining, profitable for a sandbox model, balanced? To get a new environment, but not a bit changed old one.

There is a lot of available ships, which can support any possible play style in EVE. What kind of ships Mordus should offer? Something different from Succubus, Garmur, Dramiel, Daredevil, Cruor. Available ships have bonuses on every possible stat in game. Triglavians come with Precursor weapons, which aren’t Mordus usage, and completely new “dungeon”, easily incapsulated in EVE core code, content. It was presented as an expansion.

No it isn’t an easy fix, but it doesn’t need to be flat out ignored like it has been for the past few years. Aside from the ONE minor change with warp core stabs nothing major has been done to FW since its release.

Seeing as every other pirate faction except the SOE, have more than 3 ships available to them. The Mordus are kind of forgot about.

When no one can agree on a next step though… How do you go forward without having half the current fw players rage quit on you.

The thing about the Triglavian ships is that unlike otehr faction ships in the game they have some very unique mechanics and offer very unique gameplay. If there were more Mordus ships, then they will still be just missile boats the same as any other already existing missile boats. Have you skilled up and tried out the Trig ships for any serious purpose ? They really do play different and offer some very nice gameplay.

As far as FW goes, yea, it needs a lot of love. I’d start by restricting caps in FW zones and go from there. Expand FW missions, plexes, all that stuff. Perhaps some unique rewards such as unique skins gained only via FW ? I don’t know, but lots and lots of stuff can be done with it which unfortunately isn’t cause as you said … sov …

I agree 100% with what you said. But the problem is that the Triglavian ships while have unique features, nothing says that CCP cant re-engineer some of the other pirate faction ships to slowly introduce new features to them.

Also as it sits right now aside from the LP store for FW there is no real unique or FW exclusive items, even avatar clothing, like actual faction uniforms for you character. Or faction skins for your ships.

But like you ended… because of Sov.

Trig ships are not pirate ships, they are alternative faction T1 ships with some weird quirks. This shows in them introducing a T2 ship to the line (that isn’t an AT reward)

One can hope. But given how they are acquired and the resulting pricetag of that it is unlikely. Also, they do perform better then jsut plain T1. I very seriously fly Trig ships now, Vedmak the most, and to me it seems overall that they’re more like Navy ships, not quite full faction ship class but definitely above plain old T1. I also do hope there will be a lot more T2s to choose from, possibly even a T3C, now a Triglavian T3C would be awesome.

Yeah. Not arguing they dont perform near navy ships, but they certainly are not a pirate faction.

You know what’s funny about FW to me is that it was based on some total fallacy and falling out of canon with the Caldari because someone wanted to insert a storyline like that of our own real history regarding Europe in the 1930s.
But if you look at the history and origins of the Caldari, and follow in that template, plus their organizational structure, ending up in the thrall of Heth so abruptly and mindlessly is so far out of range for the Caldari that it’s ridiculous and fake. The only thing that saved the plot was the rest of the story as seen in Empyrean Age.
Now Heth is gone - I forget how actually - did he get blobbed in a gate camp? The empires have bigger fish to fry, and for the most part actually do get along, yet this war continues.
I think it’s time for this war to end.
But oh noes, what happens to all the people who do FW?
Simple: just change the factions. Make pirate factions great again. Instead of fighting in lowsec for an empire faction, fight for a pirate faction against both the empire and other pirate factions. Yes, allow players to sign up to fight for pirate factions against the respective empire (regional mainly) and those other pirate factions that they don’t like. This could also be another opportunity for LP from the factions and access to special gear too. I have long proposed that pirate factions should have their own gate networks (it’s in the lore actually, since the Morse, if you read the books, goes everywhere without getting blobbed to death in two minutes by capsuleers) so fighting for a pirate faction means you can use their gate network to go anywhere - think of that as a bonus!
Of course I make these suggestions without any expectation of change for the positive. The OP calls for “love”, I say, the relationship is over. Get a new girlfriend but much hotter and more interesting.

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My RP rationalization for FW is that the factions use the militias relieve some pressure, to avoid having full-scale wars. The hothead patriots and nationalists can go to militia to fight the hotheads of the enemy faction. Meanwhile, the corporations can continue to make isk through inter-faction trade, without the disruption of a full-scale war. Which could kind of explain why, for example, there is an Imperial Armaments Factory station in Illuin, in Minmatar high sec.

(BTW, o/ Herzog!)

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Even this would be acceptable to some. But if it has the same level of effort in it as the current FW system then it will also be more of the same.

If FW had HALF the effort that they put into sov warfare the game would be better as a whole.

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