Kansas City - 24 October - 6pm-whenever

Brew Top (http://thebrewtop.com[8614 N Boardwalk Ave, Kansas City, MO 64154]) I’m buying the 1st round (underage of 21 are all welcome and get a round of anything non-alcoholic [yes, the pub allows underage humans]) for any of my fellow nerds who show.

I’ll be purchasing enough of their super nacho plates to feed the masses. (If you’re lactose intolerant I will not cater to your intolerance). If the masses grow, MORE FREE SUPER NACHOS.

I’ll be the dude in a stupid expensive black hoodie with white eve ■■■■ on it and a baseball cap. Certified Capsuleer on the back. Yeah, it was stupid. 13 years playing and I had to buy a (should be free) swag item for way too much cash.

Let’s nerd n beer n nacho.

1st round free only(per eve player). All the nachos you can eat, free(for all).

tag this post so I can get a rough quantity of humans.

In Kansas City. I live in Lawrence, so I may be able to make it. What time?

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