Keep the POS in game

Fair enough. There is a ongoing fuel cost. The protection however is free in highsec, and barring a lapse of attention on your part, absolute as you can remove any industrial arrays before an attacker gets a chance to contest them.

That doesn’t seem like a good game design to me and never has. However, just because you pay someone else for access to some service, doesn’t make you dependent. Not in any real sense. You are giving value for value and are an equally important part of the economy as the consumer of a service as the provider is. Players have no problem paying NPC taxes and fees when required, but there really does seem to be an irrational psychological block about paying other players for services for some people.

Maybe CCP is fighting an uphill battle as everyone wants to be the ‘land-holder’ rather being part of a integrated economy where some participants specialize in running structures and others with the business of building stuff in those structure that would provide more wealth for everyone.

That’s not how highsec flags work at all. If someone were hired to defend a structure, they typically would join the war as an ally and be able to shoot the attackers anywhere in highsec. If not, they could do nothing but watch (or perhaps suicide gank) the group bashing a structure as no flags would propagate to them whether they were in a fleet or not.

Tipa proposed that to mitigate that, and presumably give more risk to the structure bashers, they get a suspect timer (in addition to the standard war flag) while bashing a structure so everybody in New Eden can shoot them. This is an interesting idea worth discussing, but one that really makes it quite punitive to bash structures for small groups looking to take on other small groups and sort of breaks the idea of a war being between two defined groups. In any case, it’s pretty far off-topic so perhaps we can save that one for another day.

How about you place your own refinery/raitairu with a reprocessing service mod and do it that way? There is no reason for POSes unless you own a super (you won’t have a keepstar in every ratting system)

Oh I engage in my own way, I build, buy, sell, help people in local, even PVP with my alphas, but what I don’t do is fool with the many lonely hearts out there, why?

If they cannot find things to do why should I take my time to provide them content, that is not my responsibility, how is it that I can provide content for my group but they cannot, who’s playing wrong?

That is not elitist to post that that is just a fact, I don’t demand other corps to provide for me and mine.

There are people who do not want to be either the pet of somebody else or depend on others to do something meaningful (the non-voluntary way of dependency). This is a precise difference to playing isolated or not having any player-player relationships. It’s the term of “must” which is the issue here.


Placing a refinery/raitairu if you can’t defend it is foolish, would I as a small independent want too, sure, owning a facility is a bit of prestige as a player, but we all know that others want to teardown what you have, in the end it is more advantageous to spend your isk you worked for (at least in my case), to invest in other enterprises.

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Haul the ore before compressing/refining. It’s not optimal but still possible.

Why should I do that?


Because you are un-willing to be part of a group that will mange to establish the infrastructure and defend it? I’m mostly talking about he problem OP brings. He says the current structure aren’t really viable for solo people which seem to be intended by CCP.

To buy in a super market or consume a service of a company in real life I do not need to be an employee of said companies. Both profit from this interaction, I wish this kind of game play would be viable in EvE too.

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That’s literally ont eh company’s side to decide if they want to offer the service to the public and at what price. If nobody in EVE is willing to let you use their infrastructure, it’s their freedom to do so. You still have access to NPC stations if you don’t want to setup your own infra.

Sure, and that is not the point. The point is that it is not a viable or profitable option to do so. If I would own a structure I would never open it to others except close buddies, for many reasons coming directly from mechanics created by CCP. Only CCP can change that.

I’d really like to see a FOB-style citadels. They could make a small and a medium variant where they get no real bonuses to anything except possibly a clone bay. Bonuses, or lack there of, would be compensated for it’s short anchor time and cheap-er cost. Something in the ballpark of 500mIsk.

An idea would be:

  • Un/Anchor time: 6-12 hours (+24hr per System Index as is current)
  • Cost: ~500mIsk
  • Volume: 10,000 - 20,000
  • DPS Cap: 3000 / 5000
  • Fittings: 1 High / 2 Mid/ 0 Low, 1 Service, No Rigs
  • Docking: Subcap, Orca, Freighter, Jump Freighter
  • Trait bonus: Short un/anchor times. Reduced clone bay fuel cost.
  • Default Services: Fitting, Insurance, No Medical Clone, No Repairing

Basically the gist would be very minimal function and as a result a lower price for a new upwell structure class. With limited fittings it would force people to choose a compression or perhaps a clone bay. But not both.

Owning a facility is 0 Prestige and no one will really want to grind for it 3-4 hours a week to kill like 1b and not get anything out of it, when they kill it.

So CCP should implement tax on compression instead of keeping POS like OP is asking. That way, offering compression services would be a non-retarded option instead of keeping old code we know is complete garbage in the game. People would still not do it solo but that’s not really an issue imo.

I expect it’ll be abused but I would like to see docking fees as well. Preferably a max isk value is given and it charges proportionally based on ship size.

Docking fee’s, your kidding right?

That will really keep people out of them, they need to creative, but a big start would be being able to turn PI materials into tier products in player stations, you can still do it planet side but if you want faster production then a player engineering complex (etc), would be the place.

No, I’m not kidding. Citadels are quite expensive to keep running services and giving them more options to sell their service is a good thing. Though I do suspect some people will abuse a docking fee. It would be great to see compression tax as well.

Agree with compression fees, but truth be told about them being expensive to run, that is something anyone putting one up should have the pockets for, they shouldn’t need others ISK to keep the lights on, that should have been something that shouldn’t factor, other people’s ISK should be gravy money.

A citadel is effectively a business and you do not run a business with a deficit. It either makes you money or you take it down. People take advantage of the free compression right now and I feel it needs to change.