Keepstar - EVE Discord Integration (Auth)


EVE Online SSO Auth For Discord To discuss and for support.

(Join and visit the example site to get the tester role and see how it works)

If you’re a Dramiel or Opux user check the wiki for how to convert to Keepstar.

What It Does

This program will host a web page that members of your discord server can visit to be assigned roles based off of corporation, alliance, and player specific roles. It will then ensure the player remains in these roles and remove them if the players status changes (via a cron job).


  • PHP7
  • Webserver (Apache/NGINX/Whatever You’re Comfortable With)
  • A domain name is highly recommended
  • An EVE Online Omega Account (Required to make an application)

Future Plans

  • This framework could be easily expanded into a full blown auth system (srp, fleet tools, etc…) if the interest is there.
  • Standings based roles

Known Issues

  • Roles added manually are not removed (yet…)


Karbowiak for the original idea

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Pro tip, dont include your bot token in a push (derp)

The discord invite link has been updated for the new non nuked server.

An example Gif

1 question & 1 comment.

Does this need a VPS server or can it be used on a shared type hosting?

I would love to see it expanded to a full blown auth system

Depends on the shared hosting. You need to be able to install the composer requirements along with the required php modules.

New version released

New dashboard and the ability to set a ping role to send pings as embeds via the auth site


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