Keyboard shortcuts for changing D-scan range and angle?

Not sure if this exists, but if it doesn’t I’d appreciate it being implemented.

what would the advantage be, compared to the onscreen buttons?

Hover over the UI control to see the tooltip. Also check shortcuts tab in ESC settings window and use the “Filter” to search for keyboard shortcuts.

Range: V + Mouse wheel
Angle: Mouse wheel over the control

Maybe it’s a KB v Mouse thing. I know EVE is a bit of a click-fest with the mouse and I guess he might find the KB easier?

Otherwise, I dunno…

Speaking of which: The step bars in the Range slider need to be spread out evenly and not proportional to represent some range steps. It is nigh impossible to hit the 0.1 AU range bar because it is just a few pixels away from 0 and 1 AU. Plus, the range should be 0.1 AU and not 10 meters. There is no point in having a dscan range of basically 0 as slider options that is not actually at the 0 point (ie. at the very edge of the slider).

In my opinion keyboard shortcuts are faster and more precise compared to mouse clicking. Not always and not everywhere and not for everybody. But in my case: most of the time and almost everywhere. Might be different for others, but that’s why I’d appreciate the option.

Your going to have to explain why D-scan needs a buff

Keyboard shortcuts are not a buff, there is short cuts already, it’s just a completion and tidy up of what is there.

Letting me manipulate scan parameters and camera direction at the same time is most certainly a buff.

Pretty sure we can manipulate scan parameters, I even listed the shortcut Keyboard shortcuts for changing D-scan range and angle? - #3 by Zoiie

That’s not a buff and it’s already there.

Try changing your camera direction while mousing over the angle slider

Click in space and move it, it can follow the ship camera as an option, anyway I run mostly with 360 angle as many would do for general situational awareness.

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