Khanatar is Calling Up!

Khanatar Tribe is currently a budding casual corporation with semiroleplaying elements but we are looking to fill our membercount with able pilots.

We dont have much to offer outside of good company, a very low corporation tax and knowledge about the game in the case you are a new player.

However, we would like to provide infrastructure and other services to our members in the future as the corp grows on.

-Our Timezone: GMT-5 (other timezones inside the american continent boundaries are welcomed too)

-Public Channel: Khanatar

-What we are looking for atm:

  1. Minmatar Characters

  2. Casual Play

  3. Monoaccount

  4. Alpha Clone

  5. PvE focused

  6. Good Communication (in and out of game)

bumping for visibility and updated info.

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