Khanatar Tribe: looking for newcomers and outcasts inside the republic

“We are small and young organization settling up towards boosting its numbers and influence around Minmatar space. Our area of operation is mostly inside the Minmatar Republic borders with the required permissions from the Republic Parliament. We’re currently looking to adopt and help recently arrived slaves from Amarr, Khanid and Ammatar regions which may have issues adapting to their new status as free citizens among their Matari peers while at the same time forming a strong community that can take on larger projects in the long term.”


we are a young corporation with a roleplaying background slapped over. we’re looking for Minmatar players that may have recently arrived to the game or are sitting around inside the republic borders and are looking for a corp to form buddies with. we dont partake exactly on RP stuff but the corp itself roleplays on the concept of acting as an NPC Corporation so we’re looking for player that may have some kind of backstory to their characters, specially those with an Slave background as it fits with the thematic of the corp.

we dont have much to offer atm as the corp is in its starting phase but we have already received a humble donation and praise from other players while running our recruitment campaign around the area so there’s optimism and hope that we will be able to provide the typical infrastructure for PvE activities in high sec (at least for this first stage of the corp) along with space for PvP activities.

the thing we’re looking for the most is a sense of community however, there’s plenty of other corporations offering low taxes and incredible PvE/PvP services but sometimes those same corps feel lifeless and only want you as part of the membercount. we’re aiming to have a close community where each player is participating as a single person rather than an anonymous individual + its harem of alts.

if you feel interested in our project and want to participate please, dont hesitate to ask around on our public channel: Khanatar

fly safe o7

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