Kiith Paktu - NulSec Sov, PvP, PvE, Industrial - [REE Alliance] :tripletsparrot:

Miners—KP wants you! The ISK needs you! Come fly with friends who will support you while you get the ISK you deserve. You will not be sorry. No drama, just fun.

Miners—Do you like juicy R64 ISK? Do you like it every day, every week, every month? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should give KP a look. Optional mining fleets each week, with no mandatory crap that you hate. Many great moons to choose from with plentiful ice and gas nearby. Check us out in-game or send us an EVEmail. No drama, just fun. Thanks for reading.

Miners—Still looking for you. Come get the ISK you deserve and fly with friends who will help you. No drama, just fun.