Kiith Paktu - NulSec Sov, PvP, PvE, Industrial - [REE Alliance] :tripletsparrot:

Family-centered Veteran Pilots, passionate about a meaningful EvE experience;

Want to learn how to make at least 3x the ISK pilots do in High Sec, your first month of gameplay!? Stop slowly sucking up ISK at less than half your potential! Make TRIPLE that in more lucrative space with a whole family of players to back you up and teach you the ways to WIN at Eve!

Kiith Paktu levels up your Gameplay Knowledge and Skills in our mutual love for Internet Spaceships! :heart:

  • NulSec Sov-Systems

  • ALL Time Zones US, EU, AU

  • COMPLETE Infrastructure of Citadels

EVERY opportunity for all Career-Minded Pilots;

:diamonds: PvE - Ratting, Mining, PI

  • SOV NulSec Ratting [Level 5 ADM]
  • SOV Asteroid Mining [Level 5 ADM]
  • HIGH Value Moon Ore
  • Quality Gas
  • Make ALL Level 4 PI
  • HIGHEST ISK Exploration Sites

:diamonds: PvP -

  • Intel Channel
  • SECURE Comms
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Standing Fleet
  • Discord Pings for ALL Fleet Operations

:diamonds: Industry -

  • NulSec Market Hubs
  • Established Jump Freighter Logistics Service
  • Full Industry Infrastructure covering Refining / Manufacturing / Invention / Research / Reactions

Find your HOME in Eve Online!
Sign up here; Kiith Paktu Authorization, then join our in-game Public Channel [PAK2] PUB and follow the step-by-step instructions to finish your application.

We look forward to exploring many new adventures together in this great sandbox of the stars!


Something I keep seeing over and over again on this forum in the posts being made, the corps here are fledgling and new, immature and not established, and don’t really have their ducks in a row. They’re suppose to be offering you something and showing you what they can give you to help you have fun in the game, but half of the list they offer from they want you to be responsible for something, and do remedial tasks that would already be done with well established policies and gameplay strategy.

Kiith Paktu has been around the block for years in this game. We’ve not only established ourselves, we know exactly what we are about and why and what keeps this game fun. We are also part of a very organized Alliance that doesn’t push work onto its players, but rather provides opportunities for players to explore, expand, and have fun all while being a well-oiled machine. And that’s exactly what Kiith Paktu is about.

So if you want to join a group that provides you with a stable home, with established policies, and you log in and have fun playing with, then you’re looking in the right place. Avoid the immature corps that don’t have a clue and only waste your time or cause drama for your gameplay.

If you want to be successful, you surround yourself with successful people.


One year in this corp and I can say that all this man is telling you is totally true.
I’ve never been in the WHs, BUT, in NS is pretty funny to play around. Friendly corp, friendly alliance, you can laugh, you can cry, people from so many places…
I’m not THAT skilled as Mathena says with the his firts words, but I’ve learn so much in this corp, and I made lots of ISK lol, thats the important thing.

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Bumping for pilots that want to explore the game! Whether a specific career, or trying a bit of everything, we cover those bases!

Nice people

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Been all over, was a Scout for a long time, I really like chillin with these guys. Organized, good communications, no issues so far. I’m easing my way back into a more social game and not so much the loner style play.

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Great to hang and chat w/these guys.

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Always love your meme’s Sassari :stuck_out_tongue:

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Start playing Eve the “right way”! Lot of folks to fly with and learn from. You’ll find opportunity with Kiith Paktu.

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bumpity bump.

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One of the better environments to thrive in Eve Online with! :heart:

Free Beer? :beers:

We’re always here. :wink: BYOPizza! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was goofing around in a WH in a :poop:-fitted Stratios and Mathena found me in his kickass Tengu.
I died but he offered great advice for next fights so I joined Kiith Paktu and I made more money in the first week with the corp than in all my EVE experience. It’s been a glorious year :slight_smile:


We wants all da shippssss!!!

Don’t be afraid of NulSec or Wormholes ever again! We teach you what you need to know so you have a blast making ISK and doing it your way!

Lost and don’t know where to go? Sitting in station and ship spinning? Kiith Paktu helps you figure out a direction to take and guides you to success!

Nice people here :slight_smile:


We are looking for pilots in all time zones and all types of careers! Come say hi in game!