Kill reports redux

Allow the killer to write a description
Allow players to add a comment
Allow players to like a kill report
Show how many likes a kill report has

Why? I dont know. But players like to share them. So why not


Afaik the last time the kill reports recieved some love was in 2012, and that resulted in the system that exists now. Before 2012 you couldnt even share kill mails in-game afaik. Except for the text. So EVE Online is slowly moving toward having a native in-game killboard. But i think its time to allow people to thumbs up a kill report in-game because players love sharing them in game.

Let players give them a thumbs up as well and it could be part of the API for external killboards. They could show daily, weekly, monthly most liked kills. Its just an expansion of the game but yall dont understand or care. You just pay $20 per month and expecting nothing in return.

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