In Game Kill Reports still have much to be desired

Would it honestly be that hard to modify the Kill Reports to record Boosts and Inbound Logistics on kill reports?

Ship A is engaged with Ship B.
Ship A is receiving boosts from ship C, and Reps from Ship D.

I know this subject has been talked ad nauseam, but it still seems doable.

This seems incomplete as is.

It’s not a concern so much that “Logi” isn’t getting credit for participating in the fight as much as the current Kill Reporting system as is, is adding a layer of obfuscation that seems inappropriate.

There is a balance between satisfying those who live for kill reports, and providing a truckload of free intel, and alternatively keeping EVE interesting to play.

Is there any IN GAME benefit in removing the fog of war? Or would it just be feeding in to a host of out of game tools, to make it easy to see what fights to take?

There are clearly differing viewpoints.

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I don’t think there’s any use of discussing in-game killmails at all. Keep in mind that zKb is currently the only legitimate “killboard” and it’s not even a CCP project. Squizz is single-handedly keeping it alive and I am scared to even think about what would happen if it’d go down.

Someone else would start one and it would become the standard. Before ZKill it was Battleclinic.

I don’t really see the point of this. Free intel is provided by spies that each and every alliances has in its ranks, adding boosters or logi to killmails will not give any more intel since you don’t need it. You know which ships boost, which ships logi, so you don’t really care to know which caracter is a booster or a logi since you can guess it by the ship people are flying, the only shiptype this intel could be valuable for is T3Cs.

On the other side, “assist mails” could be valuable as a personnal reward. I fly logi only, and I can’t tell myself after a fleet “look, all the assist mails, I feel like I did something great”, cause there are no assist mails. Someone flying a combat ship will have this feeling since he’ll have tons of killmails or at least be taged on killmails, logi doesn’t have the time nor the ability to whore on mails. Plus, when you leave your alliance or corp for a higher grade alliance or corp, you can say “look all the dank killmails on my KB”, logi pilots can just say “Yeah, I’m logi but I have nothing on my KB except roams”.

So basically, there should either be a system of assist mails, or a system that would act like “Player A attacked player B, player A got remote repaires by Player C, Player A kills Player B and gets a killmail, Player C is attached to the killmail cause he repaires player A”. It’s not impossible, CCP is just too lazy to do it, and that’s the truth.

Is it lazy or not worth it? I get hat you’re saying but is there really a reason for it other than making logo pilots feel more acknowledged? I use the tool to look at fits local residents might be using, if there’s a real use for these changes then I’d love to hear it

The addition logis or boosters to a killmail could give a more complete look at the battle that took place. who is operating with who during a time period. this adds another bit of intel. Every bit of intel helps.

you should probably get at least 10k killmails before you speak on this topic

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