Logi Pilots on Killmails when?

I remember it was mentioned at Fanfest but no word since on when it would launched .

Likely alongside the updated activity tracker.


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I still think it’s hilarious that logi only get on KMs when they fail to keep the target repped.

Me, I plan on using one of my large reps (extra range is always good) to whore on hostile kills :sunglasses:

Honestly, instead of worrying about getting logi on kills, they should implement an actual battle report. Something that tracks what logi actually did… how much they repped, who they repped, etc.

Mails work for simple things, battle reports allow people to really see what actually happened.


Well if you get your buddies back to where they started with just less ammo than before, you kinda did it right - mission accomplished.
Makes me wonder why it is so important to know how much repair cycles or capacitor it took?

Curious, the most not very bright botting folks in dullsec created so many “intel” tools to have their infinite isk making ships warp away when a potential threat 300 regions away was approaching a highsec gate.

The “battle report” has always been in client on your hard drives - it just doesn’t benefit bot-muppets, so the data you collect is being ignored.

Honestly, it’s no different than a killboard.

Logi get no credit on killboards. It’s pure vanity, ego, and it has no real “purpose” beyond those.

But an actual battle report would show kills, logistics, everything.

Far from Dullsec not wanting this, we want the data. We want the metrics because it lets us see how well, or not well, our logistics are performing.

Winning battles is what counts for Nullpowers and part of that is effective use of logistics ships. If I could see the difference in capacitor use/reps applied by one logi or another, I can see who’s performing and who needs a bit more training. Heck, repeat low performance tells me who needs a boot out of the door for abusing the reward systems we have in place for logistics by not actually doing any of the work.

Far from ignoring the data from our end, or trying to cry to CCP to ignore the data, any serious null power worth their salt craves it.

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No silly, I said it does not benefit the bots sooper dooper dooper ships.

Now here is a thought, since all the data is available in a text file on the client’s hard drive, someone could write a parse script which pulls the repair values and puts them in a nice format and does a SUM(value1-value n+1) on them - has logi data.

Better to ask why you want killmails? Are you not enjoying the role without them? Next we’ll see bumpmails. Or survivemails when gankers fail to kill a target.


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As someone who frequently flies logi, I hope it never happens under any circumstance. I have no interest in being on killmails, hostile or otherwise. I don’t have the time to worry about edging in for credit on hostile kills since I have a watchlist to monitor, fleet broadcasts to monitor, my “friendly ships” overview to monitor for broadcast icons I might have missed, and my constant +1 , -1, anchor, FC, and command burst persons constantly locked and monitoring for damage. And after all that I have to periodically check my “hostile ships” tab to see if I’ve been locked and need to be ready to broadcast for reps myself, randomly lock other friendly ships to top off minor damage whom might not have broadcasted, make sure I’m still following anchor and keeping with the rest of the fleet that prop mod is on or off, and a bunch of other nonsense.

If an enemy vessel is about to explode, that’s one less thing for me to worry about. To think about killmails at that point would just be re-introducing one more thing to worry about, and I don’t see how any logi pilot really has the time for that.

You know what gives me thrills, when I’m flying logi? Just the other day, in a cruiser fleet with frigate support, the logi wing managed to keep an interceptor alive despite coming under heavy fire. He was far away from us, receiving reduced reps as a result, and he’s got nothing for buffer. He repeatedly went down into structure yet we kept him alive. That’s our jive. When we’re heading back to base, the DPS ships are congratulating each other on good kills and thanking us for keeping them alive (especially that interceptor with 12% structure). That’s why we’re there.


That’s what I like about flying logi too. And if you happen to fly logi in a small gang by yourself, making it the most difficult to get shot down by your opponents, while keeping your buddies in one piece.

As a logi pilot you may not want it, but larger groups would most certainly benefit from performance data exactly as Utari described above.

Kill mails are all about the epeen. A true, honest-to-god battle report would be a godsend.

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Performance data I can live with. I just don’t understand why a logi pilot wants to butt in on killmails, that’s all.

It’s kind of interesting how they’re ever-expanding the amount of data that gets collected on a personal level. It still kinda amazes me that there’s a personal mining ledger. I wonder if there will ever be a similar ledger for ratting/missioning.

You are a true logi pilot. What’s important is that your corpmates knew whate you did. No killmail is better than that.

Never. Just revel in the love nurses get from their patients. Recognition is something they don’t get.

Fleet performance reporting would be awesome.

The “soon” on this feature probably can’t come late enough.


When? Probably just before random bystanders start appearing. =)

Hate to say it, but you didn’t help with “the kill”. You helped with keeping someone else from dying, but you didn’t help doing the killing.

That’s why the Monitor class Flag Cruiser had to get a Target Painter. It doesn’t count if you just stood on the side providing moral support.

Not caring too much about the killmail part, but it would be nice to have a proper data collector and viewer for logistics performance for those of us that likes to run the numbers of combat encounters.


I believe that is planned for the fall or winter expansion. A mining journal of your other activities.

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Different, I expect. It would be nice to break apart a battle. Every ship has their outgoing damage and reps tracked against each pilot they deal it to. At the end, you get a nice big flex report that can be drilled into.

Wnat to know who repped the titan through the DD spam? Drill into the titan pilot, drill into the reps, look at the numbers. Etc.

Small gang it’s not so useful, but fleet fights, the information is valuable.