Kill Rights balance sucks

I’m new in game. I learn fast , but not all I can understand.

So I did exploration stuff - went in not safe space - got blown up - fair enough - cuz I don’t have good skill level, suck at PvP , fly cheapest tin can and went where i was no suppose to go - but I had ship insurance, had encounter trill - no problem - I did love it. I did learn my lesson .

So I train hard day and night like a Rocky to get better, work like a maniac , save credits. Bought my first space station, fuel and other stuff. Load up on my cargo ship, set curse to nice safe star system.
As soon I undock from Jita - pufff My ship is gone . And I didn’t had insurance on my cargo , so everything is lost.

I never have said some thing bad or even meet before this guy who killed me, checked his profile - he plays for 7y , I play since September this year ( so it is not rocket science -he knows better game mechanics than me ).
So I have Kill rights now and I go for revenge, track him down he is siting in free ship (Ibis) with no Bounty on his head. And he is siting only in safe space 24/7.

I’m not questioning this guys moral standings , that goes far beyond my understanding any way.

But My main QUESTION is - is game incoreging that You can get away with committing crime on random victims ?

I still don’t get the lesson this time…

I kinda still like this game, but balance truly sucks…
Or better - can they change game rules so I have kill rights for 30 days to kill this guy unlimited times no matter where he hides - 1 000 000 000 deaths will cover my loses

The answer to that is yes.


Looking on my previous experience - I think You are not kidding :slight_smile:

I am not understanding your problem. The purpose of kill rights is that you can turn off the “safe space” for him and attack him without fear of CONCORD getting involved. He can’t go anywhere safe where you are unable to attack him if you have a kill right.

If he is in a rookie corvette just sitting there and that isn’t sufficient revenge for you, don’t use your kill right and don’t engage him. The thing about this game is you usually cannot make some one fight you. At best you can hope to surprise them, but they can always dock up or stay docked. Usually, people explode only when ambushed or baited into a fight, or more rarely after a consensually arrange fight for honour or fun. You can’t expect him to just sit there and let you kill him.

I agree, this kinda makes kill rights less useful. If the person really is worried, they can just log off for 30 days. But they do work, especially against players who do other things than explode industrial ships all day. The criminals are prepared and expect revenge, but the casual player who picks up a kill right on them but still wants to do some mining or missioning in highsec is a much easier target to engage.

You might have better success making your kill right public for a small amount (10M or 20M ISK) then any opportunist who runs across this guy can take revenge on them and you not only get the satisfaction of knowing you were avenged, but some ISK. If the guy knows you are gunning for him, it will be very tough to catch him with his pants down in something worth exploding.


I am definitely not kidding. You have to pay very close attention to what you do to not fall victim to random acts of violence. For instance: In Jita or Amarr (or other big trade hubs), undocking in a flimsy hauler with expensive cargo will get you killed very quickly. You have to use instant docking and instant undocking bookmarks to stay safe®.

Unless he brings his friend in a Bowhead to switch out ships when he lets you engage him or brings his neutral logi alt to help him waste your killright. :smiley:

That’s the better course of action in my opinion. At least until you have achieved more experience with EVE and the intricate mechanics. :+1:

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:slight_smile: Yes, that baiting I mentioned.

But it wasn’t clear to me if the OP understood what Kill Rights actually did. For the record, they activate a suspect flag on the target so that you, and actually anyone else around, can shoot the target without CONCORD reacting.


I didn’t do research on kill rights. So I did waisted them. Now only option to get revenge is become criminal

Your answer makes more and more sense to me now . If it’s intended feature, not just broken game play abuse, that makes sense .

Good news is that the same game mechanics that let dudes like that sit around on the Jita 4-4 undock ganking newbies in haulers will let you do the same to him.

If you truly want revenge on this guy, I suggest finding some friends and camping him in return. Sit on the Jita 4-4 undock in catalysts or tornadoes, and when he undocks to do his ganking, gank him first.

You can even go all out apeshit on the due, if you want. Find out who he flies with, form your own group, and harass the ever-living ■■■■ out of them. - It’s probably overkill as revenge for a single lost citadel, but it’s a nice enough excuse as any to start a war.

How far you go in your revenge efforts is only really limited by how much effort you want to put into it.

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Well, if he is a career criminal, you maybe be able to buy public Kill Rights from some else or ask them to give them to you. You can find a list of his other victims who might have Kill Rights here:

It seems though he hasn’t been very active lately so you might have to wait for him to acquire more kill rights.

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OMG this is the guy

But - He flys cheap ships - So his losses are minimal.

How did You found him ?

Well, your corporation has only two losses on zKill and he was responsible for your only loss of an industrial ship.

He has a bunch of Tornado losses on his killboard, and that was the ship he used to explode you. I wouldn’t consider that a cheap ship, even if it isn’t worth as much as he destroyed. It is unlikely he is going to fly anything too expensive or undock in a hauler with a bunch of expensive cargo as a criminal.

Another thing you can do without even having kill rights is to steal the cargo when he ganks someone. It may require a lot of waiting around, but if successful that would be a more concrete way to get your revenge, make back some of the ISK you lost, and piss him off all at the same time. Just remember, you will go suspect and someone might decide to explode you and you won’t get a kill right if you are a suspect.


Thank You Black Pedro. You are the BEST.

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If they gave you 30 days of unlimited shooting at them they would only dock up and use an alt for 30 days, in reality there is no revenge for you cause they will by way of game mechanics deny you as a way to continue robbing you.
You in reality got these choices:

  • Gank them, but as you see they jump in a free rookie ship hoping you do blow them up so as to use your kill right so they can use their ganking alt sooner.

  • Leave it alone, you learned a valuable lesson, these types have absolutely nothing to lose and you have everything to lose.

Just spend your next 30 days getting back on your feet, it is easy to get isk especially with the right skills, a billion isk is nothing after a while, spend you’re time learning this then plotting this revenge as it is almost 100% garanteed to be a collosal waste of time and frustrations because of these stupid mechanics that favor this guy as he is not a legitimate player only someone’s alt who’s soul purpose is to gank and probably some station stuff.

CONCORD have goldfish memory, and sick minded criminals take advantage of that. PROD-Goldfish
I think I’m gonna take a break from game - just lost my Riven in PvE (while was picking nose and planning my great revenge plan) , I deserve badge worst EVE player ever.

Trust me. No matter how stupid a thing you’ve done, someone’s done something more stupid. I swear there’s a hidden darkweb out there where people have competitions to see who can do the most stupid thing.

Losing a PVE ship to PVE isn’t all that bad. A little light reading on one of the classics:

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Waw so cool team PvP , I really wanna get involved in that kind of activities :hugs: Boost shields and repair team mates (aka heal) - or whatever it’s called . Epic video . Now I wanna Play again . Thx man

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Only in Eve. If Asakai floated your boat, you should love this one.

If that’s the kind of stuff you want to get into, you’ve got a lot of options. BRAVE, TEST, Goons (the CFC in these articles), they all recruit newer players.

Though a word from someone who has been in a number of fights at this scale… they’re not quite as glamorous as they seem. TiDi (anti-lag mechanism) makes everything take a grueling amount of time. I enjoy them just the same and always make an effort to be there, but the gameplay itself is pretty lackluster on account of server performance.

The battle of 9-4 for example, would have probably become the newest B-R had the server literally not just died. UALX, same thing… the server died just as the ■■■■ that had gotten real was about to get really real. Server performance when you’re shoving literally thousands of players into the same fight is understandably poor - expecting otherwise is simply unrealistic.

But, if you can handle that, and you like the idea of a big fight, that’s definitely a good place to start.