Killboard bug or something new?

Can someone pls explain this to me ?

how can a harpy take down a naglfar with just one shot ?

Damage (dealt) 682 100.0% (of damage), and looking at the fit the guy had zero tank. Not sure how much base HP that ship gets but looking at that fit it doesn’t seem surprising, though you have to check in pyfa or the in-game fitting window to see how much raw HP that ship has and compare to the presented value to see if there is a major difference in which case it can be a bug but if it is accurate then the guy was flying an untanked ship and paid the price for it.

Edit: Also even if the damage dealt is low and is not a bug it is possible the ship was damaged from an earlier engagement that has ended so what was left of it is killed by one shot and it counts as a single engagement.

Depends on the situation. That thing could very well have been damaged on the other side of the wormhole down to just a sliver of HP and then managed to jump back through the wormhole, where it got tackled and killed by the Harpy. That happened to me as well with a battleship that died while only taking 100something HP damage after I manged to jump through a gate after a fight and forgot to turn on the reppers and damage control.

This guy blew up his own alt, probably unpiloted (heavily damaged) hull. Insurance “fraud” I guess.


There was no other side of the wh, its a c4 and there are no capital-size entries.

It was a massacre, there are like 15-20 pages of kills including many caps. Anybody knows what happened in there ?

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