How did he die?

Should be unkillable right?

Vargur | Nevel Cre | Killmail | zKillboard

Nothing is unkillable.

Shield recharge set-ups like this one are designed to face small amounts of damage over long periods of time. They don’t do very well for surviving high amounts in a short space of time.

This pretty much sums it up. These days the Vargur is bling enough to make itself a target, why would you put the rest of that on one? Wow.

i thought they said it was cheap for what it does?

Yeah, I think people lie. :smiley:

He died from not paying attention.



gank nados have top alpha
one day some dudes tired of my suspect bait shenanigans locked me all at the same time and shot me for 96 k hp in one volley
i insta docked in the hull , i was lucky my ship had 100k

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Yeah, I suspect something fishy going on. It had not one, not two, but three invulnerability fields on it, yet it somehow still sustained damage? That’s just not right.

Edit: oh, bad news friends. Looks like invulnerability fields don’t make you invulnerable anymore, and CCP has renamed them to “multispectrum shield hardeners” about a year ago. A sad day for us all. :cry:


That would do it… that and being drunk as well.


Fitting THAT much bling onto your ship is basically signing your own death warrant.

Also, i see they had a MTU on them and no fitted ECCM scripted sensor booster so apparently they had no idea how to safely fly a missioning marauder

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I’m disappointed . No Estamel multispectrum shield hardeners fitted !

LOL , they got the pod too:

Well any wonder, firstly it’s a marauder, secondly look at that bling! Is it any wonder, should have gone with a TEMPEST FLEET ISSUE, and T-2 fit or maybe some el cheapo storyline mods, could have had like 20 tempest fleet bs for the price of that!

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If you’re looking for a hoot, check out the rest of that killboard. Dude lost 2 Rorquals 45 minutes apart, in the same system, to two different alliances.

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Oh lord… i just clicked on his losses…

It’s gonna take him some time to get that > 95% ISK efficiency :laughing:

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Now That’s What I Call


Heh, 15 gankers to take down one ship… that’s gotta be some leet PvP…


the ship costs 60++ billion
2 to each pilot , not bad

I can’t even decide should i scream either “HOW?!” or “WHY?!”… i know i know…


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this shows how fifty rich the crabs really are

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I bet my cute rosy Hello Kitty cheeks that if you had the opportunity to get in on that, you absolutely would. Like if the guy was AFK and had a sliver of hull left, and you conveniently had a combat ship and a hauler alt around, you’d take that shot, guaranteed.

You’d try to hide the kill mail, of course, but you’d pop that Varg like a prom cherry.