How did he die?

Bah! No way its not RMT. Nobody in their sane mind would use a 60 bil marauder to have like 200m/hour and then die

A few years ago, there was “The Lawyer”.

You should look up that story, it’s quite something.

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some guys can buy this marauder in like 2 months of pve

me: never saw so much money in my life :rofl:
i just want 1000 kills solo and my amarr pope hat and im done TBH


ya super entertaining , i lold a lot

Still insane though

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Everyone and their mom want to be on a 67.5 bil ISK killmail.

Accidentally named it “Titanic”.

–Gadget knows

Not sure we are thinking of the same person:

This guy ? I remember “the incident”.

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Now I want to see your cheeks.

How much you got on ya, kid? Primo OnlyFans ■■■■ like that ain’t free.

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I’m not sure where the confusion is coming from. The Vargur had a single Large Shield Extender. That’s a buffer module. Once the health points are gone, you’re pretty much not getting them back. Given the composition of the attackers, looks more likely that he was volleyed in a single shot.

Buffer fits don’t make you invincible. If you have active reps, you may be able to squeeze out enough ehp/sec repairs to survive dps in certain circumstances. But buffers don’t do that.

is the other way around
buffer have at least a chance to survive some volleys
active rep is useless against alpha
that why they go for max alpha and not max dps


That is a mission fit at best. With a gank like that it wouldn’t take many seconds to destroy that ship.

67 billion fit is something most of us older players like to do for fun, so I don’t think that the money hurt him too much. Kind of like if I lost 1,8% of my ISK.

The main bene to new marauder that had me buy one.

Hard to probe reduces what can find you. Something can still find you. BUt you at least cut out the lower skilled (by char sheet, less numbers for strength) not in a well setup scan master ship/gear setup

These people will pick up the say several LSE fit rattlesnakes in the hood much easier and go bother them before they work up to nailing the 100% on you.

Put out the MTU and that is an unmitigated broadcast of a big old fat sig radius object. Its like people back in the day of unprobable t3c. NOt tengu…so they could and did put out drones.

Like proteus pilots. You’d pop em, see the fit and go how cute…they tried for unprobable. It was the drone mwd radii bloom that the scanner picked up.

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