Killed in Station?

That’s a good one.

Whilst logged off in a low sec station inside my loki last month, I find I was killed in a wormhole in a shuttle???

You likely left that shuttle in that WH some time ago. Might have been inside POS that they destroyed too. You don’t need to sit in it for the kill be linked to you. Game tracks the last pilot who was flying the ship and if that ship dies, the loss goes to that pilot even if he is elsewhere at the time even weeks later.

I see.

Looks like this died and then they killed a whole lot of ships over the next hour that dropped out:

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Looks like they showed no mercy , not even for my little shuttle.


Had the same thing myself recently, and I think it is crazy. How can I be ‘killed’ in a ship ( in my case a Velator ) on the other side of the galaxy that I am not even in ?

The annoying aspect is I’d only created the Velator in the first place because I got a message saying I could not rejoin fleet. I supposed that was because I did not have a ship and was in a pod. The message still appeared even in the Velator ( and I still don’t know why I was not able to rejoin fleet ). I self destructed my pod and arrived back home and forgot the whole matter…

…only to next day see a message saying I had a kill loss for the Velator. Obviousl now that I know about this crazy mechanic I’ll ‘trash’ all shuttles and Velators before leaving the scene.

The ship was killed. The killmail is for your ship. It doesn’t matter whether your capsule was in the ship, the ship was killed, and you are the responsible party.

Because if it didn’t work like this, anyone could just eject from their ship and avoid his loss appearing on zkill.

That’s not quite the same as being ‘killed’ in a ship half way across the universe in a system you are not even in when you are not even online :slight_smile:

I never wrote “that is the same as this”. I merely explained why it has to work like this so I don’t understand your response.

Ejecting from a ship at the height of battle is not at all the same as not even being in the ship in the first place, or even in the system, or even being online.

All those condition might and will happen even if you eject in middle of the combat. The ship can be tanky enough for you to exit the sector with gate before it dies, likewise you can logout and not be online when such ship dies.

I don’t understand what isn’t logical to you about this mechanic. Should these ships that dropped from citadel in WH be linked to noone? Some npcs perhaps? And why do you think so?

It’s OK…now that I know about this silly mechanic I will simply trash all stuff before fleeing.

Or just not worry about some random shuttle loss showing up on your zkill two weeks later. It’s not like it means anything .

I bet her corpmates are laughing their asses off at that lossmail. :wink:

:smiling_imp: :popcorn: :blush:

Will have left the shuttle there about the time Test showed me some love.
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it would have lived if it were a shield super :wink:

Seems like a gf though… if anything it was a target rich environment :slight_smile:

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