Kings-Guard - NullSec PvP and PvE

Hello Capsuleer,

we are Kings-Guard and we are looking for new members.

Since 2016 we are living in the southern nullsec and we have become a strongly connected community. Helping each other every time is what makes us a place everyone loves. Founded as a central european corp, we want to open our doors now, so everyone can find a (mostly) peacefull home.

What we are able to offer:

  • A mature corp with friendly members
  • Free PvP ships
  • Free PvE ships
  • Free structure services
  • PvP and PvE fleets
  • The best systems you’ll find in New Eden
  • IT services for all needs

What we expect:

  • The will to help your mates and not just thinking about yourself
  • Mature behaviour and mind
  • Skilling doctrine ships
  • PvP participation
  • Corp event participation

If you like what you’ve read get in touch with 4tt1c or d3r m315t3r or join our in game channel Kings-Guard Public.

Fly safe & o7

Recruitement still opened

We are still looking for new members

We are looking for new members again

Recruitement still opened

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