Kool Kiting Klub is recruiting casual PVP pilots!

Hi all,

Kool kiting klub is now back in business. Looking for pilots who enjoy small scale engagements and play primarily in late AUTZ/ early EUTZ (14:00 - 18:00 eve time) roughly.

The corp has been on an extended break from eve, and I’ve relapsed. Looking for a corp doing things active in this timezone is kinda hard, so I’ve decided to do my own thing again. Currently staging out of Jita but will move soon. Self-sufficiency is a bonus but if you really do need ISK, the alliance runs daily WH ops.

The goal is to build a nimble and agile corp/group that can adapt to changing environments and playstyle with a focus on smaller scale PVP.

What we are:

  • Casual laid-back PVP focused corp.
  • RL first, spaceships second

We are looking for:

  • Players who enjoy smaller scale engagements
  • Players who are not afraid to experiment! Have crazy ship/fleet concepts? Fly’em
  • Players who understand Eve is just a game and losing spaceships is OK.
  • Active in Asia (SEA) Timezone 14:00 - 18:00 Eve Time

Join our discord here if you’re interested or want to know more!

Let’s shoot/welp some spaceships together

Still looking for players to lose ships with!

Still Recruiting Late AUTZ



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